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Disclosed is a hospital patient monitoring and display system employing a number of bedside consoles, concealable from the patient and including input for various patient sensors such as ECG, pulse rate, patient temperature and blood pressure. The consoles are powered by a low voltage direct current ...

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A disposable, single-use, generally elongate diaper having substantially planar sections at each end and intermediate these planar ends a substantially non-planar section comprising the crotch section. The crotch section is narrower than at least one of the ends and is longitudinally constricted by ...

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A small programmable memory means such as an electrically programmable logic array is incorporated on the chip of a conventional bit addressable random access memory or other cell addressable array circuit. The array has one or more superfluous rows and/or columns of cells held in reserve. Processin ...

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Stable peroxy-containing concentrates useful for the production of microbicidal agents consisting essentially of

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A device for detecting a first material comprising (a) a waveguide having on a peripheral surface of the waveguide a second material which on contacting the first material selectively combines with the first material to measurably change the light transmitting capabilities of the waveguide, (b) a li ...

Walter Grosse Bowing, Hinrich Mrozek, Hans Joachim Schlussler, Bernd Tinnefeld, Peter Vogele: Peroxy-containing microbicides stable in storage. Henkel & Cie, Hammond & Littell, September 27, 1977: US04051059 (129 worldwide citation)

Peroxy-containing concentrates, stable in storage, useful for the production of functional agents consisting essentially of

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Apparatus for humidifying a gas stream comprises a transparent reservoir having a top cap and connected via a float controlled valve chamber beneath to a humidifying chamber. The valve maintains a desired water level in the humidification chamber which has a heated floor and gas inlet and outlet por ...

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An isolation system adapted to permit simultaneous operation of at least colocated radio transceivers operating at different frequencies into at least one antenna by means of a single hybrid transformer having said at least one antenna coupled to one conjugate port, at least one broadband impedance ...

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A straight needle for penetrating the scalp substantially parallel to the underlying bone structure has a trailing tissue-compatible flexible preferably transparent plastic tube which contains a stainless steel bushing. After being pulled through the scalp puncture openings by the needle, the needle ...

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Oral compositions such as toothpastes, mouthwashes and the like containing a particular substantive bis-biguanide compound which inhibits the formation of plaque and caries, an a specific amino carboxylate compound which inhibits the tendency of the bis-biguanide compound to produce a stain on oral ...