Sidney T Fisher, Charles B Fisher: Recovery of hydrocarbons from partially exhausted oil wells by mechanical wave heating. Barrigar & Oyen, September 20, 1977: US04049053 (243 worldwide citation)

Underground viscous hydrocarbon deposits, such as the viscous residues in conventional oil wells, are heated by mechanical wave energy to fluidize the hydrocarbons thereby to facilitate extraction thereof. For uniform, circular, symmetrical dispersion of mechanical wave energy of high-power and low- ...

Robert W Williams: Suction retraction instrument. Jerry R Seiler, September 20, 1977: US04049000 (145 worldwide citation)

A suction retraction instrument comprises an elongated hollow suction pipe having a port at its lower end and secured to a manifold at its upper end and a retractor arm secured to the pipe adjacent the lower end and extending at an angle therefrom.

Robert H Goetz: Heart massage apparatus. Stephen B Judlowe, James M Rhodes Jr, September 20, 1977: US04048990 (141 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is herein described for directly massaging a human heart which apparatus can be left in place at the end of an operation and be removed at a later date. The apparatus generally includes a cup-like inflatable bladder formed to surround the heart and to massage the heart in a predetermine ...

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Disclosed is a process for fabricating small geometry electronic devices, including a variety of integrated optical devices. The process includes the steps of holographically exposing a resist masking layer to a plurality of optical interference patterns in order to develop a masking pattern on the ...

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A general digital message network for short address-coded telegrams having plural switching stations. In each switching station the outputs of the input stores are each connected to one of the inputs of a multiplexer. The inputs of the output stores are connected to the output of the multiplexer and ...

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A surgical instrument of scissors configuration having one or more suction and spraying openings disposed at the functional end thereof, the openings communicating with a fluid conduit which is carried by and movable with one or both of the instrument handles or manipulating means. Movable conduit e ...

James Kevin Hurson: Surgical acid. Irving Kayton, September 20, 1977: US04048987 (105 worldwide citation)

A surgical aid for retaining displaced material in a surgical site in its displaced position. The aid consists of a wire core of aluminum or aluminum alloy or stainless steel and a covering of a suitable elastomer, such as dimethyl polysiloxane polymer, organo-metallically bonded or otherwise contig ...

Theodore F Bell: Index table. Barnes Kisselle Raisch & Choate, September 20, 1977: US04049252 (101 worldwide citation)

An index table comprising a base, a table mounted about an axis for rotation on the base and means for indexing said table to bring successive stations of the table into predetermined positions. Spaced locating plates are fixed on said table at circumferentially spaced points and radially movable lo ...

Vernon T Richey: Apparatus for reducing annular back pressure near the drill bit. Guy E Matthews, September 20, 1977: US04049066 (97 worldwide citation)

An apparatus adapted to be connected in a drill string is disclosed. It utilizes an axially located turbine which is driven by the mud flow through the drill string. The turbine is supported by a shaft and connected to an appropriate gear train. The gear train rotates an outer sleeve which has multi ...

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A monitoring system is disclosed for measuring and classifying the decelerating capabilities of a machine, such as a punch press. The monitoring system includes a timing circuit for measuring the elapsed time from the initiation of brake application to the stopping of the press. Means are provided t ...