Omar J Jacomini: Radar system for detecting slowly moving targets. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, H W Patterson, September 13, 1977: US04048637 (203 worldwide citation)

A bistatic radar system for detecting the presence of a slowly moving target by the use of an arrangement which provides a reduction in the frequency spread of the reflected clutter energy. A radar transmitter and a radar receiver are located aboard separate aircraft which fly with a predetermined s ...

Vincent Anthony Perciaccante, Henry Patrick Landi: Absorbable surgical sutures coated with polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene copolymer lubricant. American Cyanamid Company, Charles F Costello Jr, September 13, 1977: US04047533 (175 worldwide citation)

The handling characteristics, including particularly the knot run-down, of synthetic absorbable surgical sutures and tissue drag characteristics are improved by a coating of a lubricating film of a bioabsorbable copolymer having polyoxyethylene blocks and polyoxypropylene blocks, and which bioabsorb ...

Aubry S Forman Jr, Charles A Schultz Jr, William E Vice: Secure two channel SCA broadcasting system. Digital Data, William J Clemens, September 13, 1977: US04048619 (149 worldwide citation)

A secure information broadcasting system including a central broadcasting station for encoding data in binary form utilizing a keyword and transmitting on one frequency a FM-SCA signal phase shift modulated by the encoded data. The encoded data is also supplied to one or more remote broadcasting sta ...

Donald E Haselwood, Carl M Solar, Jeffrey R Thumm: Monitoring system for voltage tunable receivers and converters utilizing voltage comparison techniques. A C Nielsen Company, Mason Kolehmainen Rathburn & Wyss, September 13, 1977: US04048562 (138 worldwide citation)

A system for remotely monitoring or determining the channel to which a voltage tunable receiver (or CATV converter) has been tuned includes an encoder for measuring the magnitude of the tuning voltage applied to the tuning section of the receiver and for generating a channel representative digital c ...

John Emmett Hall: Surgical implant spinal staple. Downs Surgical, Haight & Huard, September 13, 1977: US04047524 (124 worldwide citation)

Surgical implant, known as a double-hole spinal staple for use in securing metal cables to vertebrae in operations for the correction of scoliosis.

William J Liebig, German Rodriguez M: Double-velour synthetic vascular graft. Meadox Medicals, Blum Moscovitz Friedman & Kaplan, September 13, 1977: US04047252 (99 worldwide citation)

A double-velour vascular graft has a tubular body or trellis with loops projecting both outwardly and inwardly from said trellis. The loops on both the inner and outer surfaces of the trellis provide for more effective preclotting and ingrowth of tissue without impeding the flow of blood through the ...

Jack L Phillips, Timothy E Dickinson: Vacuum forcep and method of using same. Charles H Schwartz, September 13, 1977: US04047532 (92 worldwide citation)

A suction forcep used to grasp an artificial lens and implant same in the human eye following cataract surgery comprises a smooth, flexible suction head mounted on a stem-like handle connected to a controlled vacuum source, the lens being held against the suction head by a partial vacuum maintained ...

Marion W Neff: Retrace data elimination. Recognition Equipment Incorporated, John E Vandigriff, September 13, 1977: US04048617 (90 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to modification and utilization of signals developed by automatic reading systems where a hand-held optical unit scans a data field or alpha-numeric characters, and more particularly, to operations which eliminate redundancy in signals produced by scanning a given data field i ...

Karl A Karst, Harold G Sowman: Non-frangible alumina-silica fibers. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, William G Ewert, September 13, 1977: US04047965 (89 worldwide citation)

Transparent, smooth, fracture resistant, discreet, refractory oxide fibers of homogeneous chemical composition comprising 96 to 100 weight percent of a mixture or chemical combination of 67 to 77 parts by weight alumina and 23 to 33 parts by weight silica, said fibers having a predominant polycrysta ...

Franz Josef Broecker, Matthias Schwarzmann: Manufacture of butanediol and/or tetrahydrofuran from maleic and/or succinic anhydride via .gamma.- butyrolactone. BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Keil Thompson & Shurtleff, September 13, 1977: US04048196 (80 worldwide citation)

A process for the manufacture of 1,4-butanediol and/or tetrahydrofuran, wherein maleic acid or succinic acid is used as the starting material, butyrolactone is produced in defined stages and is hydrogenated to butanediol or tetrahydrofuran, and the by-products formed are in each case recycled to the ...

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