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An instrument particularly useful for locating and removing ureteral calculi and other occlusive objects from body passages. The instrument includes a flexible tube or sheath which slidably receives a tightly-twisted multi-stranded cable of a length greater than that of the tube, the cable having an ...

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A connector assembly for a coaxial cable having an annularly corrugated outer conductor has a first unitary clamping member which fits over the end of the coaxial cable and forms an inwardly extending bead at one end thereof for meshing with the last valley in the corrugated outer conductor, thereby ...

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The present invention relates to a system for exposure measurement and/or focus detection by means of image senser such as photo diode array (MOS image senser), CCD (charge coupled devices) consisting of a plural number of adjacently disposed respectively integrated fine light sensing elements where ...

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The present invention is concerned with a cytotoxic agent comprising an immunoglobulin specific for antigens on the surface of the cell to be killed having 1-10 polymer carrier molecules covalently bonded thereto and the polymer carrier having 5-500 molecules of a cytotoxic drug covalently bound. Th ...

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Sealed keyboard sandwich having actuator means, a plurality of contactor means, a plurality of contact means and support means therefore, said contacts and contactors forming a plurality of key units, and gas passage means positioned between said actuator means and said support means for selectively ...

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An improved method and apparatus used for offshore drilling operations is disclosed which is particularly useful in those operations where a floating vessel or drilling platform is situated at the surface of a body of water with a riser assembly extending between the platform and the well and a blow ...

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New proline derivatives and related compounds which have the general formula ##STR1## are useful as angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors.

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A voltage multiplier in which an n-phase circuit charges n-1 capacitors during the separate phases, then during the last or nth phase the capacitors are put in series to create n times the input voltage. MOS transistor devices are used to act as switches to charge a number of series connected capaci ...

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The pneumatic logic circuit is of generally symmetrical structure around an axis and symmetrical with respect to a median plane normal to this axis. It has a median plate provided with an axial passage and with a duct opening into this passage. On each side of the median plane is a diaphragm constit ...

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An air flow amplifier of relatively high air flow amplification ratios in which a thin film of pressurized primary air flowing in a transverse direction is mechanically deflected to impinge on a generally frusto-conical surface tapering towards the throat of the amplifier. The deflecting action is p ...