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An electrosurgical device adapted for connection to an electrical generator having active and return output terminals, the device being used to cut, coagulate, or otherwise treat organic tissue or the like, the device comprising: an insulative support connectors; an active electrode responsive to th ...

Clara Francis Stonehocker: Expandable pot for containing plants and method therefor. Burton & Dorr, August 23, 1977: US04043077 (512 worldwide citation)

An expandable pot for containing the roots of a plant is designed to expand primarily in response to the growth of the plant's roots. The sides of the pot are folded in an accordian-like manner which flexes outwardly to increase the volume of the pot in response to the growth of the roots therein. A ...

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A method of extracting hydrocarbons, energy and other products in situ from an underground coal deposit. A selected part of the coal deposit is heated by electrical induction to temperatures high enough to effect the destructive distillation of coal. The gases and liquids so produced are collected. ...

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An adjustable valvuloplasty ring that comprises a C-shaped frame that is sized and shaped to extend about the circumference of the left atrioventricular orifice along the base of the anterior cusp of the mitral valve; an expandable sleeve connected to the frame that together therewith forms a closed ...

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An associative memory has separately associable zones, a linearly addressable main memory for the input and read out of data consisting of an associative word and a non-associative word, and a comparator device which serves to compare the read out association words with a search word. A device conta ...

Peter Barry Cook, John Harold Hunt: Steroidal aerosol compositions and process for the preparation thereof. Allen & Hanburys, Bacon & Thomas, August 23, 1977: US04044126 (177 worldwide citation)

An antiinflammatory steroid exhibiting a tendency to crystal growth in suspension in aerosol propellants is contacted with a halogenated hydrocarbon to form a crystalline solvate, which, after removal of some or all of the propellant from the crystals, is reduced to a particle size permitting inhala ...

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A golf club having an impact block disclosed in the bottom portion of the club head. The impact block has a plurality of openings therein for slidably receiving weights therein. A removable cap provides access to the weights. The impact block could be made integral with the sole plate.

James L Porter: TV monitor. Control Data Corporation, Robert M Angus, August 23, 1977: US04044376 (145 worldwide citation)

A TV monitor includes an antenna coupler capable of selectively coupling the TV receiver being monitored to an antenna or an r.f. oscillator. The oscillator is selectively operated to impose an r.f. signal onto the antenna input of the receiver between successive horizontal blanking periods on an ac ...

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A product comprising a mat of fibers prepared by electrostatically spinning an organic material and collecting the spun fibers on a suitable receiver.

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An illumination panel for the enhancement of image brightness of a liquid crystal display for a watch or similar device is disclosed. The panel has an internal light source with a suitably shaped and reflectorized coating to substantially direct internal and external light in the desired direction. ...