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An electrosurgical forceps including a switching member disposed on only one tine thereof where the switching member may be disposed on the outside of the tine to permit operation thereof independent of the closing of the forceps or where the switching member is disposed on the inside of the tine su ...

John Emmett Hall: Surgical implant spinal screw. Downs Surgical, Haight & Huard Chartered, August 16, 1977: US04041939 (333 worldwide citation)

Surgical implant, known as a spinal screw and nut, for use in securing a metal cable to a vertebrae in an operation for the correction of scoliosis.

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A method for starting a process to recover energy raw materials from a subterranean formation whereby igniters are injected into the upper region of the formation and inert gas is injected into the lower region of the formation, and thereafter an oxygen-containing gas is injected at a predetermined ...

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This invention relates to split ring markers fabricated in whole or in part from a radiopaque material, usually metal, having the terminal ends thereof and a medial portion formed to define eyelets by means of which said marker can be sutured to the tissue at the site of an anastomosis to provide a ...

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The present invention concerns a multilayer element for the analysis of liquids such as biochemical and biological liquids. Elements according to the invention include (1) a reagent layer including a composition that is interactive in the presence of a predetermined substance to be analyzed (analyte ...

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Methods of consolidating incompetent subterranean formations are provided whereby aqueous treating solutions are utilized to condition the formation, to carry a hardenable organic consolidating fluid into the formation and/or to carry particulated solids coated with a hardenable organic consolidatin ...

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System for detecting information in an artificial cardiac pacemaker by using energy supplied from the outside of the pacemaker. An energy supplying device supplies energy to the pacemaker from the outside. An energy receiving device in the pacemaker receives the energy. An energy changing device cha ...

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An implantable hermetically sealed living tissue stimulator which includes a coil in which current is induced by an external alternating magnetic field is disclosed. All the stimulator circuit components except for one or more electrode leads are hermetically sealed within a hermetic container forme ...

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A pusher is disposed behind a series of generally like objects stacked from back to front on a shelf. Side members tie the pusher to a pull handle at the front of the shelf and confine the stack of objects laterally in alignment. A rail is disposed at the front of the shelf to prevent objects from f ...

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A real time frame grabbing system for substantially instantaneously providing a continuous video display of a selectably predetermined video frame of information on a video display means from continuously transmittable video information which is transmitted as a plurality of pseudo video scan lines ...