Jacques Foucras: Electrically heated flexible tube having temperature measuring probe. Rhone Poulenc, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, July 26, 1977: US04038519 (220 worldwide citation)

A flexible heating tube especially for medical use, e.g. for taking blood away from and returning it to the body, in which a flexible pipe of transparent plastics material is provided with at least one electrical helical resistance heating conductor and at least one helical filiform temperature meas ...

Norbert C Howell, Walter Tischuk, Thomas M Welsh: Foamed-in-place double-skin building panel. H H Robertson Company, Harry B Keck, George E Manias, July 26, 1977: US04037377 (217 worldwide citation)

A double-skin construction panel having its outer skin spaced-apart from its inner skin. The panels are adapted to be assembled without exposed fasteners. A positive mechanical connection between the outer skin and the foamed-in-place panel core is provided. The panels have mating elements in the ou ...

John B Newkirk: Artifical biological drainage device. Richard D Law, July 26, 1977: US04037604 (195 worldwide citation)

A tube for implantation in an animal organ or cavity, for example, an eye, communicates with the anterior chamber of the eye and terminates in a unilateral pressure dependent valve shunt positioned outside the anterior chamber. Lateral side arms secured to the tube provide fixation means to the eye.

Ronald Bove, Eric M Hubacher: High density wafer contacting and test system. International Business Machines Corporation, Wesley DeBruin, July 26, 1977: US04038599 (193 worldwide citation)

A contactor structure employed in a high speed electronic test system for testing the electrical integrity of the conductive paths (or lines) in the packaging substrate prior to the mounting and connection thereto of the high circuit density monolithic devices. The contactor structure includes a sem ...

Donald J Anderson: Method of recovering viscous petroleum from an underground formation. Chevron Research Company, R L Freeland Jr, Edward J Keeling, July 26, 1977: US04037658 (173 worldwide citation)

Recovery of viscous petroleum such as from tar sands is assisted using a controlled flow of hot fluid in a flow path within the formation but out of direct contact with the viscous petroleum; thus a solid-wall, hollow tubular member in the formation is used for conducting hot fluid to reduce the vis ...

Erwin R Wendorff: Metallic surgical suture. Miller & Prestia, July 26, 1977: US04037603 (170 worldwide citation)

A suture of a type particularly adaptable for employment for operations such as that referred to as "urethrovaginal fixation to Cooper's ligament in the treatment of stress incontinence." The suture is employed in the form of a loop with its end portions in interlocking engagement. The suture compri ...

Richard F Kronner: Guide pin locating tool and method. James D Givnan Jr, July 26, 1977: US04037592 (163 worldwide citation)

A tool and method for use by a surgeon in the insertion of a hip nail guide pin within upper end of a femur. The tool includes a base for temporary abutment against the femur which base is supported by an initial guide pin in place within the femur. A first guide member is positionably carried by th ...

Neil L Carpenter: Method for secondary recovery of oil. Electroflood Company, Bard Springs Jackson & Groves, July 26, 1977: US04037655 (139 worldwide citation)

In one exemplar embodiment, method and apparatus include providing an electrode disposed in a plurality of vertically spaced boreholes penetrating the formation. The plurality of electrodes in contact with the salt water and oil of the formation are connected to a source of electrical power for esta ...

John M Pflueger, William A Hutcheson: Aquarium viewing window. John M Pflueger, Townsend and Townsend, July 26, 1977: US04037563 (132 worldwide citation)

A viewing window structure for an aquarium tank and the like includes a removable water pressure resistive viewing panel which presents a substantially uniform water-tight face to the water side thereof. The window structure comprises supporting seat means embedded in a tank wall adapted to receive ...

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A catheter device used in the catherization of a blood vessel during hemodialysis which comprises a hub assembly having at least a first and second fluid conduit each of which are connected in fluid communication with separate concentrically disposed tube elements so as to define a first and second ...