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An anatomically configured stent for a tanned, expanded natural tissue heart valve, a valve prosthesis including the stent, and a process for preparing the prosthesis are disclosed. The stent comprises a frame having three struts, two of which are biased radially inwardly and the third of which is a ...

Donald R Anderson: Purification of saline water. July 19, 1977: US04036749 (469 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a treatment of water that greatly reduces the scaling tendency of the water during its subsequent use or processing. The treatment comprises precipitation and separation of the calcium values of the water as calcium carbonate by the addition of magnesium hydroxide precipitant ther ...

Edgar Haber: Composition and method for determining the size and location of myocardial infarcts. The Massachusetts General Hospital, July 19, 1977: US04036945 (192 worldwide citation)

Radioactive labelled antibody for cardiac myosin is injected intravenously after cardiac occlusion and is specifically absorbed in infarcted myocardium, as are radioactive labelled lower molecular weight fragments of the antibody such as (Fab').sub.2, (Fab'), and (Fv). The location and size of the m ...

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A plurality of key register sections in a processor respectively associated with different machine-sensed types of accesses to a main storage of a computer system. A processor address key register (AKR) includes the following sections: (1) a section associated with an instruction-fetch type access, ...

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A double braided hollow rope assembly and method for making same wherein the rope consists of an inner hollow braided rope core and an outer braided rope jacket. The braid on the side of the outer jacket is opened and through that opening, a loop of the inner rope is pulled. A retaining ring with ba ...

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A package comprising a dessicant material consisting essentially of 1 a dessicant and 2 tough, film-forming, resin having a high moisture vapor transmission rate. A prepolymerized polyurethane is particularly useful. The material is of particular value as a package insert - e.g. with film or cameras ...

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An osmotic device for delivering an active agent is disclosed. The device is comprised of a wall surrounding a compartment and has a passageway through the wall for dispensing the agent. The wall is formed of a material permeable to an external fluid and substantially impermeable to agent and a gas ...

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An installation for the automatic control of the light projection distance of motor vehicle headlights in dependence on the positional change of the vehicle body, in which in case of a positional change of the vehicle body toward one side when driving through a curve, an analogous control of the lig ...

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A process for reducing the waiting-on-cement (WOC) time associated with the cementing of a casing string in an oil well involving the specific improvement of pumping into the well a highly retarded cement slurry containing a dispersed encapsulated accelerator, such as calcium chloride or anhydrous s ...

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This disclosure describes a novel method for improving feed efficiency and accelerating the growth rate of veterinary homothermic animals by administering to said animals a growth-promoting amount of a cycloalkano[b]thien-4-ylurea or thiourea.