David Apotheker, Paul Joseph Krusic: Fluoropolymer containing a small amount of bromine-containing olefin units. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, July 12, 1977: US04035565 (184 worldwide citation)

A novel fluoropolymer can be made by copolymerizing a small amount (e.g. about 0.5-3 mole %) of bromotrifluoroethylene or bromotetrafluorobutene with certain combinations of monomers comprising selected fluorine-containing compounds. A fluoropolymer composition useful in the manufacture of cured flu ...

John M Savage Jr: Polygonal lens. William W Haefliger, July 12, 1977: US04035681 (182 worldwide citation)

A lens cap, for use with a light emitting diode, comprises:

Giovanpietro Bassani, Giuseppe Scozzari: Cable distribution system for wide-band message signals. Societa Italiana Telecomunicazioni Siemens S p A, Karl F Ross, Herbert Dubno, July 12, 1977: US04035838 (173 worldwide citation)

A cable-TV system comprises a relay station linked by several HF cables with a distribution center feeding several subscriber stations via two-wire local lines, each HF cable carrying a respective TV program modulated on a common carrier. The distribution center comprises several switching matrices ...

Ernest W Lattanzi: Coaxial connector. Kevlin Manufacturing Company, Robert F O Connell, July 12, 1977: US04035054 (171 worldwide citation)

A coaxial connector particularly adaptable for use as a miniature or sub-miniature connector at relatively high frequencies up to 40 GHz and above, which utilizes an inner contact assembly comprising a center conductor member which is retained within a dielectric member which is in turn retained wit ...

Takeru Higuchi, Harold M Leeper: Osmotically driven fluid dispenser. Alza Corporation, Thomas E Ciotti, Edward L Mandell, Paul L Sabatine, July 12, 1977: US04034756 (158 worldwide citation)

An osmotically driven fluid dispenser for use in an aqueous environment comprising: a shape retaining canister having controlled permeability to water; an osmotically effective solute confined in the canister which, in solution, exhibits an osmotic pressure gradient against the water in the environm ...

Robert W Jackson, Frederick P Dewar, David L MacIntosh, John P Kostuik, Robin Black: Artificial knee joint. The Governing Council of the University of Toronto, Hirons & Rogers, July 12, 1977: US04034418 (150 worldwide citation)

An artificial knee joint for surgical implantation into a knee comprises at least one femoral member of hard plastic material and at least one tibial member having a highly polished metal upper surface. The femoral member is received in a groove cut in the condyle of the femur, and its rear end face ...

G Ronald Cosens, Richard J Drew: Vas cautery apparatus. Electro Medical Systems, Bruce G Klaas, July 12, 1977: US04034762 (109 worldwide citation)

This vas cautery apparatus includes a bipolar needle electrode, a pencil hand control, and a cautery electronic circuit. The bipolar needle electrode comprises a unitary center conductor and tip and the center conductor may be effectively insulated from an outer conductor by an insulating tubing. A ...

Joseph Kvaternik: Probe arm. Xynetics, Ellsworth R Roston, July 12, 1977: US04035723 (104 worldwide citation)

A probe including an arm providing structure for fixedly mounting and preloading a leaf spring. A probe tip is fixed to the leaf spring and extends through a guide means on the probe arm. Provision is made for clearance in the fit between the guide and the probe tip so that a predetermined, controll ...

Stanley J Sanders, Vincent Fava: Insulating vinyl siding. Aegean, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, July 12, 1977: US04034528 (94 worldwide citation)

An insulating vinyl siding adapted to be applied as siding units for home installation and assembled with other similar units. The siding is composed of a preformed thermoplastic polymer facing, a thermal barrier formed by a foam filler, and a metallic foil backing.

David D Nyberg: Heat-shrinkable laminate. Raychem Corporation, Lyon & Lyon, July 12, 1977: US04035534 (94 worldwide citation)

An article such as a tube formed of heat-shrinkable material is bonded exteriorly or interiorly to an elastomeric member to form a laminated article. The bonding preferably takes place before heating and expanding of the heat-shrinkable tube. After expansion and cooling, the parts remain in the heat ...