David Apotheker, Paul Joseph Krusic: Fluoropolymer containing a small amount of bromine-containing olefin units. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, July 12, 1977: US04035565 (182 worldwide citation)

A novel fluoropolymer can be made by copolymerizing a small amount (e.g. about 0.5-3 mole %) of bromotrifluoroethylene or bromotetrafluorobutene with certain combinations of monomers comprising selected fluorine-containing compounds. A fluoropolymer composition useful in the manufacture of cured flu ...

Giovanpietro Bassani, Giuseppe Scozzari: Cable distribution system for wide-band message signals. Societa Italiana Telecomunicazioni Siemens S p A, Karl F Ross, Herbert Dubno, July 12, 1977: US04035838 (172 worldwide citation)

A cable-TV system comprises a relay station linked by several HF cables with a distribution center feeding several subscriber stations via two-wire local lines, each HF cable carrying a respective TV program modulated on a common carrier. The distribution center comprises several switching matrices ...

John M Savage Jr: Polygonal lens. William W Haefliger, July 12, 1977: US04035681 (172 worldwide citation)

A lens cap, for use with a light emitting diode, comprises:

Takeru Higuchi, Harold M Leeper: Osmotically driven fluid dispenser. Alza Corporation, Thomas E Ciotti, Edward L Mandell, Paul L Sabatine, July 12, 1977: US04034756 (152 worldwide citation)

An osmotically driven fluid dispenser for use in an aqueous environment comprising: a shape retaining canister having controlled permeability to water; an osmotically effective solute confined in the canister which, in solution, exhibits an osmotic pressure gradient against the water in the environm ...

Robert W Jackson, Frederick P Dewar, David L MacIntosh, John P Kostuik, Robin Black: Artificial knee joint. The Governing Council of the University of Toronto, Hirons & Rogers, July 12, 1977: US04034418 (150 worldwide citation)

An artificial knee joint for surgical implantation into a knee comprises at least one femoral member of hard plastic material and at least one tibial member having a highly polished metal upper surface. The femoral member is received in a groove cut in the condyle of the femur, and its rear end face ...

Ernest W Lattanzi: Coaxial connector. Kevlin Manufacturing Company, Robert F O Connell, July 12, 1977: US04035054 (132 worldwide citation)

A coaxial connector particularly adaptable for use as a miniature or sub-miniature connector at relatively high frequencies up to 40 GHz and above, which utilizes an inner contact assembly comprising a center conductor member which is retained within a dielectric member which is in turn retained wit ...

Joseph Kvaternik: Probe arm. Xynetics, Ellsworth R Roston, July 12, 1977: US04035723 (104 worldwide citation)

A probe including an arm providing structure for fixedly mounting and preloading a leaf spring. A probe tip is fixed to the leaf spring and extends through a guide means on the probe arm. Provision is made for clearance in the fit between the guide and the probe tip so that a predetermined, controll ...

G Ronald Cosens, Richard J Drew: Vas cautery apparatus. Electro Medical Systems, Bruce G Klaas, July 12, 1977: US04034762 (101 worldwide citation)

This vas cautery apparatus includes a bipolar needle electrode, a pencil hand control, and a cautery electronic circuit. The bipolar needle electrode comprises a unitary center conductor and tip and the center conductor may be effectively insulated from an outer conductor by an insulating tubing. A ...

Stanley J Sanders, Vincent Fava: Insulating vinyl siding. Aegean, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, July 12, 1977: US04034528 (94 worldwide citation)

An insulating vinyl siding adapted to be applied as siding units for home installation and assembled with other similar units. The siding is composed of a preformed thermoplastic polymer facing, a thermal barrier formed by a foam filler, and a metallic foil backing.

Dieter R Lohrmann: High dynamic range receiver front end mixer requiring low local oscillator injection power. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Army, Nathan Edelberg, Frank Dynda, Sheldon Kanars, July 12, 1977: US04035732 (92 worldwide citation)

An improved circuit utilized in an RF tuner or receiver for selecting and nverting an RF signal to an intermediate frequency with reduced injection power requirements.The circuit is utilized in the "front end" of a radio frequency receiver or tuning section, the purpose being to convert the received ...

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