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A cardiac catheter being flexible throughout its length and having a deformable preformed distal end with a memory, that is, the distal end is formed with a set curvature to which the catheter tends to return when the deforming force is removed. A contour or stiffening wire slidably resides within a ...

Laughton E M Miles: Universal reagent 2-site immunoradiometric assay using labelled anti (IgG). The Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University, Robert G Slick, July 5, 1977: US04034074 (274 worldwide citation)

An improvement is made in 2-site immunoradiometric assay wherein a single labelled antibody can be used to assay many different antigens.

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A bipolar cutting electrode for high-frequency surgery having at least two mutually insulated and high-frequency voltage conductive metal portions which are at a fixed spacing relative to each other. The metal portions are metal tips which are located within the effective zone of the electrode in se ...

George Mann: Observer-identification of a target or other point of interest in a viewing field. Smiths, Pollock VandeSande & Priddy, July 5, 1977: US04034401 (138 worldwide citation)

A head-up display system in a military aircraft provides projection of flight and weapon-aiming information into the pilot's line-of-sight through a partially-transparent reflector. The pilot operates a button firstly when he recognizes a target viewing through the display and then again when he fix ...

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A system and method for providing a security check on a credit card. The credit card has first data recorded thereon in the form of optical gratings to provide for card uniqueness and second data recorded thereon in a magnetic track also located on the card. The optical gratings on the card cannot b ...

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A multiple stage polymer having a rubbery first stage and an epoxy functional hard final stage, a method for improving the notched Izod impact strength and melt strength of poly(alkylene terephthalates), compositions comprising poly(alkylene terephthalates) and the multiple stage polymer, and articl ...

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What follows is a description of a unique hammer for driving pile members onshore or offshore, an apparatus for driving pile members offshore, and a method of driving a pile member.

James P Watts: Automatic keno game. John A Robertson, July 5, 1977: US04033588 (92 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a numbers game apparatus, among other things, for taking money, giving change, printing and giving out tickets, validating tickets, finding and checking winners, finding out the odds, and determining the amounts won by winning tickets. Apparatus is provided at a plurality o ...

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Non-fibrosing implantable lead apparatus for muscle stimulation, such as cardiac stimulation, comprising an electrode formed from a non-thrombogenic conductive material, a conductor, a conductor encapsulating structure formed from a non-thrombogenic insulating material and a lodging structure for ho ...

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An imprint of inked intaglio pattern elements such as lines on a document of value or the like, including background portions and readily recognizable image portions each formed by pattern elements of the imprint. The pattern elements forming the image portions differ in orientation or depth from pa ...