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Disclosed are several embodiments of an electrode system for ventricular defibrillation, and the methods of using and implanting the electrode system. In one embodiment, the electrodes are in a generally base-apex configuration having a split conformal base electrode residing above the base of the v ...

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A combination of a television receiver and a television signal recording and/or reproducing apparatus, such as a so-called video tape recorder, forming a television system for receiving, recording and/or reproducing television signals and displaying images thereof, wherein the television receiver po ...

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A spiral helix is affixed on the distal end of a flexible catheter.

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The present invention relates to an apparatus for the non-destructive examination of an heterogeneous sample by analysis of the Raman radiations scattered by the sample receiving an incident of monochromatic radiation of known frequency. The apparatus includes a source of monochromatic light, such a ...

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This invention provides novel quaternary ammonium ethers of polygalactomannan having a degree of substitution between about 0.01 and 3.0, and further provides a process for producing quaternary ammonium ethers of polygalactomannan gums by contacting solid polygalactomannan gum with a haloalkyl-subst ...

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An electrical connector has a coupling nut provided with ratchet teeth on one end thereof for cooperating with a spring, so that the coupling nut is harder to rotate in one direction than the other. The spring is formed as a leaf spring having an elongate arm which cooperates with the forward and re ...

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The communication system, which is especially useful for pay TV, comprises a central station and a plurality of remote stations. The central station includes means for transmitting pay TV programs to the remote stations, and each remote station includes a circuit for transmitting information signals ...

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An apparatus for intermittently inflating and deflating a compression sleeve. The sleeve has a plurality of longitudinally disposed compression chambers which encircle a patient's limb when the sleeve is secured about the limb. The sleeve is inflated in a manner to apply a compressive pressure gradi ...

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A Fecal Matter Collector including a tubular portion of flexible material having a portion operatively associated with a user's rectum and another portion extending through the anal opening and having on the external end thereof a removable collecting bag, and including a gas escape outlet.

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Phase detection between interfering light beams in an interferometric sys is accomplished by frequency shifting the reference beam prior to combination with the interrogation beam and electro-optically scanning the resulting pattern to produce an FM electrical signal having the shift frequency as a ...