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Keyboard-controlled apparatus for producing video signals for standard television receivers includes a random access memory having a multiplicity of storage positions each of which corresponds to a preselected discrete portion of the TV raster. Data stored in the random access memory is sequentially ...

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Solid hydrocarbon materials present in subsurface earth formation such as, for example, the coke like residue remaining in a subterranean tar sand deposit which has previously been exploited by controlled oxidation depletion, is converted to a synthesis gas composition by contacting the solid hydroc ...

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An acidic dispersion of colloidal silica and hydroxylated silsesquioxane in an alcohol-water medium is coated onto solid substrates, such as acrylic lenses, to provide an abrasion resistant coating.

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The coupler consists of an intermediate finite length waveguide located between a first and at least one second waveguide with the refractive index of the intermediate waveguide being greater than the refractive indices of the other waveguides. The intermediate waveguide further includes a structure ...

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Anti-microbial polymeric quaternary ammonium compounds having linear chains which terminate in quaternary ammonium moieties, such compounds being formed by polymerization which is carried out in such a manner that the linear chains thereof are terminated in random fashion, the reaction resulting in ...

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Automated processing of bank checks encoded with alphanumeric characters on the face of each check by transporting said checks as a serial constant velocity train through a processor to a sorter while at a first station generating an item control number unique to each document and at a second statio ...

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A computer controlled manufacturing system employing random access semiconductor wafer storage in the fabrication of integrated circuit devices.

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Pressure monitoring apparatus implantable in the cranium to measure intracranial pressure, the apparatus comprises a passive resonant circuit having a natural frequency influenced by ambient pressure. The resonant circuit has inductance and capacitance capability for comparing the local environmenta ...

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Anti-Microbial Quaternary Ammonium Co-Polymers formed by the condensation of at least two di-functional tertiary amines and a molar quantity of 1,4-dihalo-2-butene that is equal to the molar sum of the di-functional tertiary amines in the mixture.

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An oil well pipe incorporates a corrosion-resistant, metallic liner which is intimately metallurgically bonded to the pipe bore.