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The bar and channel pattern of a disc refiner plate follows the curve of a continuous circular arc from the stock distribution ring groove to the outer plate periphery. Each channel is of constant sectional flow area to provide uniform flow area into and out of the refiner section.

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A remote switching system in which operation of a load is controlled by signals generated at a remote location and transmitted along an existing AC power line. The system includes a signal transmitter which can be plugged into an AC line socket, and which can operate to place a transient control sig ...

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A control center characterized by vertical bus bars having electrically insulating covers thereon which covers are in surface-to-surface contact with all surfaces of the bus bars except for spaced areas where connection is made by conductors for load distributions. In addition, each pair of spaced b ...

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This invention relates to a polymerization reaction vessel having a coating on the inner surfaces thereof resulting from applying thereto a coating composition containing, as a primary ingredient, a straight chain or branched polyaromatic amine dissolved in an aqueous alkali metal hydroxide solution ...

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The golf club swing training apparatus has a board on which the positions of the ball and the player's feet are designated for each club. It gives the player a scale of measurement for distances beween himself and the ball and between his feet for each club. It also gives the player the angles for h ...

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A shroud closely surrounding a high thermal inertia rotor is provided with a support structure having low thermal inertia characteristics. The support structure is selectively exposed to different temperature mediums during transient operation by way of a thermal actuated valve so as to cause a rapi ...

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A device is provided for the protection of wounds comprising a shallow perforated bowl of substantially semicircular cross-section terminating at its edges in substantially flat rim portions and constructed of thermoplastic material selected from the group consisting of polyethylene, polypropylene a ...

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A receptacle containing gas and water adsorbent material for storing a pressurized breathable gaseous mixture for underwater use. The receptacle includes an auxiliary access plug for inserting the gas adsorbent material into the receptacle so that the material may be tightly packed within the recept ...

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A magnetoresistive permalloy film is deposited upon a substrate and coated with a separating layer composed of titanium or a similar high resistivity, conductive material. A soft biasing layer of a material such as permalloy or a hard biasing material such as cobalt chromium is deposited upon the se ...

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Inorganic phosphorus-containing acids and salts thereof in small amounts function as antifoulant additives in crude oil systems employed as feedstocks in petroleum refining which are subjected to elevated temperatures of from about 100.degree. to 1500.degree. F. and which are prone to produce foulin ...