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A predetermined pattern of code signals is periodically inserted into the transmitted encoded television signal. The pattern is so chosen that a bistable circuit at the receiver changes state for each received signal. A counter counts the number of state changes and, if correct, a validation signal ...

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Three separate pairs of electrodes are attached to a body part to be treated, spaced apart around said part of the body. A primary alternating electrical current having a primary frequency of between 100 Hz and 100,000 Hz is passed between one of the electrode pairs. A similar second alternating ele ...

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An automatic stability control system is provided which senses the lateral acceleration of a vehicle by way of strain gauge sensors, or the like, to provide lateral acceleration signals to an amplifier. Since strain gauge sensors which operate on the piezoelectric effect provide very weak signals, s ...

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There is disclosed a self service postal apparatus and method printing postage useable for sorting packages and other postal articles. On entering or dialing the zip code of the addressee a display of the geographic location thereof assures the user that the zip code number is accurate and it may, i ...

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A hermetic expansion joint for use between conduits lined with refractory material and a tuyere stock for blast furnaces utilizing a plurality of such expansion joints. The expansion joints include a bellows coaxial with and connected to the exterior of the conduits to be coupled and, located within ...

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In a stereophonic reproduction system, especially for a cinema, a center channel signal is derived by combining left and right channel signals. In order to harden the center image, particularly in speech, the left and right channel signals are compared and, when they include significant amounts of c ...

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An antenna apparatus for use in a television receiver set or the like is provided. The apparatus has an antenna body which comprises a hollow resin cover having a plug pin integrally formed at one end thereof and an antenna pipe provided at other end thereof. An elastic conductor is mounted in the r ...

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A shock-absorbing system is provided for protective helmets such as football helmets or crash helmets which includes an impact-resistant shell, a plurality of webs secured to the inside of the shell in the crown portion, and a plurality of flexible plastic compartments containing foam secured to the ...

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A surgical milling tool includes a body having a hemispherically-shaped outer surface and defining an internal cavity. Cutting blades carried at spaced locations on the outer surface are operative to mill tissues of a joint socket when the tool is introduced and rotated in the socket. Holes are form ...

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A bag made of two layers of film material welded together along their edges except at an aperture in which is inserted one end of a tube of the same material as the bag, the entire circumference of said tube being tightly sealed to the sides of the bag aperture by heat welding.