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The head of a golf driver club is formed from a one-piece casting having a face plate portion, a sole plate portion and toe and heel wall portions with a concavity being formed between these portions. A cap which is preferably of wood or plastic encloses this concavity to form an air chamber within ...

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An instrument for use in catheterization of small distal branch arteries includes a guide wire having a short flexible distal section connected with a relatively long, multi-wire, axial and rotary torque transmitting section to guide a soft, thin-walled, flexible catheter through the compound curves ...

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A chemical sensitive field-effect transistor transducer capable of selectively detecting and measuring chemical properties of substances to which the transducer is exposed. The transducer includes a semiconductor substrate material having a certain doping polarity, a pair of spaced apart diffusion r ...

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A vein catheter placement assembly consisting essentially of a catheter unit and a puncture needle unit longitudinally slidably positioned in the catheter. The puncture needle unit comprises a hollow longitudinally grooved puncture needle, and a finger-grip attached to the end of the needle remote f ...

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A MOS-FET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) comprises a semiconductor body, source and drain regions disposed in the body at portions separated from each other, a second semiconductor region having a higher impurity concentration than that of the body, formed by ion implantation in ...

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An elongate blunt-ended hollow tube is affixed on the distal end of a flexible catheter. A cutting edge along one side of a lengthwise slot in the tube wall cuts off irregularities from the inside of a vessel and feeds them into the hollow interior of the tube as the catheter is rotated.

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A data compaction system and apparatus is disclosed which, in the preferred embodiment, includes a high speed compaction controller utilizing both read only storage and read-write storage. A compaction device according to the present invention could then be placed upon both ends of a transmission li ...

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A power bus element for use in large scale integrated circuits is described. Each bus element consists, for example, of a chip of silicon having two levels of metallization thereon, one acting as an earth (or ground) return plane and the other providing power voltages. Dependent contacts on the chip ...

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A dry release sublimation transfer is provided which includes a temporary backing sheet having disposed thereon a sublimation transfer design layer formed of one or more sublimation transfer inks, and a polymeric coating disposed in contact with such design layer. In one embodiment, the design layer ...

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Preventive as well as therapeutic treatment of acne vulgaris (hereafter referred to as acne) consisting of the topical application of a solution, lotion or cream containing one or more than one of the lactamides and/or quaternary ammonium lactates is disclosed. Topical application to uninvolved or i ...