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A surgical punch instrument having an elongated, hollow sleeve with an elongated rod sliding therein and extending through one end of the hollow sleeve. The elongated rod has a narrowed end portion and fixed cylindrical blade attached thereto while the open end of the hollow sleeve has a hollow, cyl ...

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A process for in situ retorting of oil shale wherein an externally heated gas is circulated through a first retort zone. Surface retorting units comprised of compressors and furnaces are used to start the retorting process and to continue same until the off gas being recovered from the first retort ...

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Small magnetic particles are used to provide large and widely-distributed surface area for separating a select protein from a solution to enable detection thereof when present in low concentrations. The particles are coated with a protein that will interact specifically with the select protein.

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A piezoelectric motor, bases on utilization of the reverse piezoelectric effect for continuous conversion of electric power into mechanical energy of rotation of the rotor. The piezoelectric motor includes a rotor and a stator, at least one of them incorporating a vibrator of mechanical oscillation, ...

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An improved diamond abrasive tool and method of manufacture characterized by a direct brazing technique of diamond crystals to a substrate surface which requires no pre-conditioning of the surface of the diamond in order to obtain the necessary wetting thereof. The method employed utilizes readily a ...

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A cryosurgical instrument having a purge cycle of indeterminate duration, separate and apart from its cooling and warming modes, which can be conducted with a refrigerant consisting of a low pressure unsaturated or saturated gas. During the purge cycle, the pressure of the refrigerant gas is regulat ...

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Oxytetracycline aqueous solutions containing 2-pyrrolidone as a co-solvent suitable for pharmaceutical use and especially useful for either oral, topical or parenteral administration are disclosed.

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Intelligible crosstalk in microwave radio systems employing single-sideband modulation is substantially eliminated by phase-modulating the AM carrier-wave prior to its modulation by the baseband signal. The phase-modulation may comprise a periodic signal, such as a single sinusoidal tone or pseudo-r ...

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The concentration of microorganisms in a known volume of a water specimen is ascertained by introducing the water specimen into a plurality of wells which have known volume and contain a nutrient medium. The mixture of water specimen and nutrient medium is incubated and the wells are observed for a ...

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Method and apparatus for scrambling and unscrambling television video and audio signals in a subscription television system in which program selections of subscribers are known at a central transmitting site, and control signals encoded into vertical blanking intervals of the video signals are addre ...