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This in vivo sensor assembly, consisting of a sensing electrode and an insertion catheter, is capable of calibration and recalibration in situ without blood sampling because the sensing electrode can be retracted into its insertion catheter where it can be contacted with calibrating solution furnish ...

James D Doss, Charles W McCabe: Method for localizing heating in tumor tissue. The United States of America represented by The United States Energy Research and Development Administration, Dean E Carlson, Jerome B Rockwood, April 12, 1977: US04016886 (239 worldwide citation)

A method for a localized tissue heating of tumors is disclosed. Localized radio frequency current fields are produced with specific electrode configurations. Several electrode configurations are disclosed, enabling variations in electrical and thermal properties of tissues to be exploited.

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The instrument is used in laparoscopic tubal cauterization whereby a fallopian tube is completely blocked by coagulation and comprises: an elongated narrow sheath; an electrically insulated separator means slidably mounted in the sheath; and a pair of bipolar electrodes secured in diametrically oppo ...

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A field (e.g., a magnetic field) which nutates about a pointing vector is used to both track or locate an object in addition to determining the relative orientation of this object. Apparatus for generating such a field includes mutually orthogonal coils and circuitry for supplying an unmodulated car ...

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This invention is directed to a device for implanting an artificial endosseous element of ceramics in the fields of dentistry, oral surgery and orthopedics, comprising an implant screw pin and more than one nut element in combination with said screw pin primarily for securely holding said screw pin ...

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Demodulation of a wideband spread spectrum four-phase PSK (phase shift keyed) modulated carrier signal is accomplished by means of a correlator which phase shifts the modulated carrier signal as a function of a locally generated PN (pseudo-noise) sequence to provide a narrow band two-phase PSK modul ...

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A transparent keyboard switch which is suitable for use in switch arrays is disclosed. Switch nomenclature may be positioned behind the switch and viewed from in front of the switch. The transparent switch comprises a relatively rigid electrically insulating transparent substrate having a "lower" el ...

Clifford S Kwan Gett: Atriotomy access device. Criddle Thorpe & Western, April 12, 1977: US04016884 (136 worldwide citation)

An atriotomy access adaptor for use in open-heart surgery consists of a polymeric foam base adapted to fit into an incision in the atrium. Venous uptake cannulas are inserted through incisions made in the foam adaptor base and are held in place by two loops fastened to the foam body which are adapte ...

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A female plug connector for receiving a standard jack has an outer sleeve having an annular edge at one end. On the interior of said sleeve are a locking surface of reduced diameter and a first and second containing surface of reduced diameter. The plug further has a tubular insert, slidably receive ...

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A cell for converting received light energy to electrical energy comprises, in the simplest embodiment, four layers of differing types of semiconductive material stacked so as to form three opposite conductivity junctions. The outer two, "active", junctions are formed of confronting layers with matc ...