Lior Rosenberg: Fasteners particularly useful as orthopedic screws. Benjamin J Barish, March 22, 1977: US04013071 (288 worldwide citation)

Fasteners particularly useful as orthopedic screws comprise an external fastening member having a shank formed with a head at one end, external spiral threads extending to the opposite end, an internal bore extending axially through the head of the shank, and a plurality of side slits formed radiall ...

James H Hasty: Sequential intermittent compression device. The Kendall Company, Powell L Sprunger, March 22, 1977: US04013069 (201 worldwide citation)

A device for applying compressive pressures against a patient's limb from a source of pressurized fluid. The device has an elongated pressure sleeve for enclosing a length of a patient's limb, with the sleeve having a plurality of separate fluid pressure chambers progressively arranged longitudinall ...

Daniel R McGlynn: Vehicle operation control system. March 22, 1977: US04013875 (156 worldwide citation)

The combination of a vehicle such as a tractor having at least one actuatable operation-performing element; a device for monitoring the operational status of the element; and a stored program digital computer including a storage unit and a control unit. The control unit functions by receiving status ...

Costas E Goltsos: Selectively ventable food package and micro-wave shielding device. Teckton, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, March 22, 1977: US04013798 (149 worldwide citation)

A frozen or refrigerated precooked meal formed from a number of food components is packaged in a compartmented tray which is transparent to radiant energy such as that from microwave or infrared energy sources. Each of the tray compartments is defined by ridges and side walls formed integrally with ...

Edward C Froning: Cannula connector and direction indicator means for injection system. Julian Caplan, March 22, 1977: US04013080 (149 worldwide citation)

A cannula has a hub formed at its proximal end with a terminal peripheral flange and also has a radial vane having an apertured proximal extension. A stylet fits into the cannula and has a hub with a skirt to receive the cannula hub flange and also having a hook received in the vane extension apertu ...

Guy Varlerberghe, Henri Sebag: Piperazine based polymer and hair treating composition containing the same. Societe Anonyme dite L Oreal, Cushman Darby & Cushman, March 22, 1977: US04013787 (126 worldwide citation)

Piperazine-based low molecular weight film-forming cationic polymer is employed in a cosmetic hair-conditioner composition comprising a solution of the polymer in amounts of about 0.1-5 weight percent of the composition in a solvent such as water, acidified water, or aqueous alcohol solution.

Salvatore Cocozza: Inhalers and insufflators having a cutting means. I S F S p A, Depaoli & O Brien, March 22, 1977: US04013075 (121 worldwide citation)

A device, comprising a detachably connected mouthpiece and body, for powdered substances contained in a capsule which is longitudinally inserted into the cylindrical bore of a pivotably mounted carrier member for pivoting into a transversly disposed recess in the body of the device. A pair of cuttin ...

Reinhardt N Sabee, C Craig Sabee: Stretchable spun-bonded polyolefin web. Draper Products, Wheeler Morsell House & Fuller, March 22, 1977: US04013816 (106 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a stretchable spun-bonded web suitable as top-liner for a disposable diaper, pad, bandage and the like, and a process for making the same. In particular, the invention relates to a polyolefin web where the crossover points of the fibers do not rupture when the web is stretc ...

Charles E Wright: Dental cleaning means and method of manufacture therefor. Irving M Weiner, Pamela S Austin, March 22, 1977: US04013085 (96 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a dental `floss` of an oriented monofilamentous polymer together with a method of manufacturing the `floss` and a tool for its use.

James R Feild: Intervertebral protector means. John R Walker III, March 22, 1977: US04013078 (95 worldwide citation)

A protective device for preventing the development of postoperative adhesions between a patient's dura and spinal nerves and other anatomic structures after spinal surgery. Preferably, the protective device provides an intervening barrier between portions of the patient's dura and spinal nerves in t ...