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Novel photometric apparatus advantageously having a conical shaped flow-cell comprising a light source proximate the narrow end and a photosensitive detector at the wider end of the cell. The flow-cell adequately compensates for a lens effect that has been discovered to be a substantial factor in el ...

John R Campbell: Waste receiver for dogs. March 8, 1977: US04010970 (39 worldwide citation)

A waste receiver for canine toilet use has a handle and two spread-apart arms at the end of the handle. A plastic bag with an open top has two upper tubular edge portions which are slipped over the arms and support the bag in an open position. By means of the handle, the bag is placed below a pet to ...

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A hollow turbomachinery blade is formed by way of casting or the like with an open tip end except for a bridge which is formed integrally with the blade side walls at a central position with respect to the leading and trailing edges. Also formed integrally with the blade side walls, proximate the ti ...

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A method and apparatus for home production and application of fixed nitrogen fertilizer uses an arc discharge process to ionize nitrogen and oxygen and form nitrogen oxides. These nitrogen oxides are injected into water supplied by a garden hose to a yard or garden. The device is compact, economical ...

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The guanidines of formula ##STR1## in which R and R' are each hydrogen or methyl and the pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salts thereof exhibit hypotensive effects.

Lawrence G Ebel: Combined container for new and waste crankcase oil. Robert E Heslin, March 8, 1977: US04010863 (38 worldwide citation)

Discloses a container having a new crankcase oil compartment with a communicating spout for introduction therein and removal therefrom of new crankcase oil, and having a waste crankcase oil compartment with downwardly sloped portions of a drain funnel in common with a communicating screened opening ...

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A method of forming articles containing a controlled amount of binder, i.e., a presintered ceramic article, utilizes mixing of base materials with a meltable binder such as paraffin wax. The mixture is then formed, as a slurry, into the configuration of the article and is allowed to solidify. The so ...

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Perivascular infiltration of liquid being administered to a patient is detected by the method of altering the temperature of a region of the patient's skin adjacent the site of a transcutaneous puncture and providing an output indicative of the difference between the altered skin temperature and the ...

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A package labeling and inspecting apparatus is disclosed which includes a first conveyor table having an apparatus mounted adjacent to the conveyor for applying labels to wrapped packages as they move along the first conveyor table. Provision is made for generating a control signal when a label fail ...

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The electromechanical acoustic emission detector of this invention comprises a plurality of sensor elements secured in an areal array on a base plate. The spacing and arrangement of the sensor elements are such that the transducer is "tuned" to acoustic emission waves that travel along the surface o ...