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A method of extracting energy and chemical values from coal in situ including the steps of establishing passages among two or more coal seams underground and the surface of the ground wherein one coal seam is consumed by in situ combustion with the hot exit gases diverted through a second seam of co ...

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Method for reducing the loss of power accompanying the transmission of electrical energy down a wellbore to heat a subterranean formation via electrical conduction between a plurality of wells completed therein, characterized by providing a low frequency alternating current to the conductors in the ...

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A fluid container particularly useful in a centrifuge system for separating the various fractions in blood. The container comprises two circular sheets of flexible material, having central openings therein. The outer peripheral edges are sealed together, as well as annular-like portions extending ou ...

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A new filter medium, which can remove a high percentage of fine particles from a gas stream while causing a relatively low pressure drop in the gas stream, comprises a base porous web, one or more lightweight non-self-supporting layers of microfibers collected and carried on the base porous web, and ...

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A golf putter in which mass is disposed at the corners of the club head to increase the effective hitting area of the face of the club head. The effective hitting area is not only increased in the longitudinal or horizontal direction of the face of the club head, but also in the vertical or transver ...

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An object-illuminating and imaging system utilizing, in combination, a laser beam as a light source and an optical fiber as a light transmitter. Light-focusing means are provided and the focused laser beam is, in a preferred embodiment of the invention, directed to impinge upon a single, small-diame ...

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A bifocal lens implanted in the anterior chamber of the eye having an air space in the upper lens edge to position the lens at the upper edge of the pupil in dilated and constricted state.

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A supported catalyst is used in the low pressure catalytic copolymerization of ethylene with C.sub.3 to C.sub.6 .alpha.-olefins in a fluid bed reactor to produce polymers having a density of less than 0.941 and a melt index of >0.0 to at least about 2.0. The supported catalyst contains about 0.05 to ...

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Apparatus and method for modulating quasi-monochromatic electromagnetic radiation utilizing a controllable diffraction grating. A reflection diffraction grating is comprised of a material deformable in the presence of an applied electric field. A first electrode, comprised of a flexible radiation-re ...

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The invention is a double sulcus toothbrush having two groups of sulcus bristles which diverge at an angle relative to one another laterally of the toothbrush so that these groups may bear against the upper and lower teeth, inside or out, with the bristles entering the sulci at an angle appropriate ...