Louis A Ule: Programmed valve system for internal combustion engine. Dominick Nardelli, March 1, 1977: US04009695 (164 worldwide citation)

A family of embodiments of mechanical, electromechanical and electronic for the control of intake and exhaust cylinder valves applicable to both spark and compression ignition engines. Electronic control or programming of valves in respect to their opening and closing times is effected in accordance ...

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Catalyst-inhibitor system for the polymerization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) having excellent properties for fabrication of fibers and films. The catalyst-inhibitor system comprises a combination of organic or inorganic salts of manganese and cobalt; titanium alkoxides; an antimony compound; and ...

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A method and apparatus for planting seeds. A V-shaped seed furrow having a predetermined depth is continuously formed while the soil adjacent each side of the furrow is uniformly firmed or compacted and a smooth surface formed. Seeds are continuously dispensed into the furrow. The walls of the furro ...

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An optical substrate has an electrically conductive grating on one surface. Over the grating is a multilayered dielectric coating.

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A penile prosthesis which is adapted for the treatment of erectile impotence is surgically implanted in a man and includes two elongated body portions, each adapted to be surgically implanted in a corpus cavernosum of the penis, with each body portion including a non-distensible portion made of a se ...

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An electrodeless discharge lamp has an ionizable medium comprising a particular gas composition at a particular pressure within a sealed envelope. Radio frequency electrical power is applied to an induction coil, the magnetic induction field of which is coupled to the medium. For a particular radio ...

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A precision thermoplastic filament winding process for forming into pipe or similar articles by winding strands comprised of semi-hardened thermoplastic material on a rotating mandrel to form a layer thereon.

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Disclosed is a web accumulator for accumulating and discharging a reserve portion of a continuous web passing through the accumulator. The accumulator, which is particularly useful for handling weak webs such as sanitary or tissue paper, includes first and second sets of rotatably mounted web rolls, ...

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The invention provides for an accelerometer having an acceleration responsive means associated with a presence detector for detecting the continuous activation of the acceleration responsive means for a predetermined time duration. The accelerometer may further have recording and indicating means re ...

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Fermentation broths and other aqueous suspensions containing a dissolved xanthan gum and suspended solids resulting from the fermentation producing the xanthan gum are clarified by treatment with a minor amount of a protease enzyme. The injectivity of aqueous solutions containing xanthan gum so clar ...