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A method for closing wounds and surgical incisions in mammalian tissue which comprises fastening an approximated wound or incision with a series of devices comprising a short filament with a head on each end, each device being surgically placed so that the filament traverses the wound or incision wi ...

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A method for the recovery of low API gravity viscous oils or bitumens from a subterranean formation by the injection of a mixture of an oxygen-containing gas and steam at a temperature corresponding to the temperature of saturated steam at the pressure of the formation.

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An apparatus for injecting fluid, specifically contrast media, into the vascular system of a human being or other animal. The apparatus comprises a head portion and a control unit. The head portion includes the motor and drive components, and carries a removable syringe cartridge containing the flui ...

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A system for transferring data between persons, for example in lieu of cash transactions, requires that each person to or from whom data is to be transferred carries a portable electronic device including a memory. Data transfer means in the form of data recording devices are provided at fixed locat ...

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The invention is an improved rotary cutter for a road planer, particularly a cold planer. The rotary cutter comprises a thick-walled metal drum fitted with improved cutter bits and bit holders, according to a pre-selected pattern. The holders are attached on the drum surface, and each has a tapered ...

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Improved electrostatographic developer mixtures comprising finely-divided toner particles electrostatically clinging to the surface of carrier particles wherein the carrier particles comprise a core having an outer layer thereon of poly(2-vinyl-pyridine) mixed with polyurethane. The use of said deve ...

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A back-lighted display arrangement including a soft, compressible opaque light baffle sandwiched between a lamp assembly and a display panel. The light baffle has a grid-like configuration defining a plurality of compartments each of which is arranged to receive a different one of a plurality of lam ...

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The invention relates to new 3-substituted 1-alkyl-4-phenylpiperidines, being useful as antidepressant and anti-Parkinson agents, and to their production.

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A device for securing a length of cannula tubing to facilitate the introduction of fluids into the tubing wherein a sleeve of flexible tubing is disposed between an entry passage for the cannula tubing and an opposing entry passage for communication with a source of fluid. Hinged jaw or wing members ...

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A system and method for interconnecting a plurality of separate memories (on other circuits) on a wafer so as to electrically exclude defective memories and include operative memories. A single discretionary connection is associated with each of the separate memories and such connection is made (or ...