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A rotary cutter for making the socket bed for a complete endoprosthesis is slidable on a guide rod, which rod is first inserted into a guide bore which has previously been made in the hip bone. The relative axial position of the cutter with respect to the rod indicates the depth of penetration of th ...

George Rosen: Photopolymerizable compounds and compositions comprising the product of the reaction of a hydroxy-containing ester and a monocarboxy-substituted benzophenone. Sun Chemical Corporation, Cynthia Berlow, January 25, 1977: US04004998 (46 worldwide citation)

Compounds containing a benzophenone or a substituted benzophenone moiety are (a) autophotopolymerizable, (b) photopolymerizable in compositions with another photoinitiator, or (c) photoinitiating in compositions with another photopolymerizable material.

John E Stefanik: Window panel edge construction. PPG, Edward I Mates, January 25, 1977: US04004388 (46 worldwide citation)

Window panels that have edge portions which are out of desired contour have straps of molded fiber glass reinforced thermosetting resinous material adhered to and overlapping both sides of the panels in marginal areas outside the viewing area and extending outwardly from the edges of the panels prov ...

Thomas M Runge: Cardiac replacement and assist devices. B P Fishburne Jr, January 25, 1977: US04004299 (45 worldwide citation)

In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a total cardiac replacement device or four chambered heart for orthotopic placement is provided. This device is a pulsatile flow, synchronous ventricular ejection pump which closely simulates the action of the human heart. An internal electrical dr ...

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A detergent composition containing an anionic detergent and an organosilane is capable of imparting soil release benefits to hard surfaces washed therewith. Soil adheres to such surfaces less strongly thereby making them easier to clean. The detergent composition can be formulated for use in a wide ...

William G Mizuno, Iris N Henderson: Treatment of fabrics in machine dryers. Economics Laboratory, Thomas M Meshbesher, January 25, 1977: US04004685 (45 worldwide citation)

Fabrics are treated in machine drying apparatus to reduce static electricity carried by the fabrics, soften the fabrics and improve other fabric properties. A reusable dispenser of solid or semi-solid fabric-conditioning agent is placed within the dryer drum and the fabrics are tumbled in the dryer ...

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2-Chloro-4'-[N-(N'-benzoyl)-ureido]-diphenyl ethers of the formula ##STR1## in which R.sup.1 is fluorine, chlorine, bromine or methyl,

Edgar E Price: Optical system for extending photosensor array resolution. Xerox Corporation, Robert J Bird, January 25, 1977: US04005285 (44 worldwide citation)

An optical system including a Koster's prism for splitting an optical path into twin paths so that an image propagating along the path from an object plane is incident upon one or the other of two parallel linear arrays of photosensor elements disposed in a common image plane. The arrangement provid ...

Lynn Olivier: Handle device. Lawrence Peska Associates, January 25, 1977: US04004722 (44 worldwide citation)

This disclosure pertains to a reusable handle to be attached to twine or rope bindings of packages, or to the flexible straps of shopping bags. The handle has a slit allowing the rope or twine to pass into a hollow tubular section parallel to the handle. The user grasps the handle which is substanti ...

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Fluid dispensing apparatus for dispensing preselected quantities of fluid from a supply of fluid under pressure having a flow regulator and a dispenser. The flow regulator is adapted to be coupled to the fluid supply so that fluid is supplied to the dispenser at a relatively constant pressure below ...