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A process for curing a resin composition for the manufacture of plastic thin films by radiation curing with radioactive rays comprising mixing a radical-polymerizable resin with a filler, characterized in that at least a part of the filler is composed of a powdery ferromagnetic substance and in that ...

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A winch having a clutch-brake assembly comprising a ratchet plate with a constantly engaged pawl, and two clutch shoes. With a tension load on the cable of the drum, two rotatably mounted cam members engage each other to move the clutch shoes into engagement with the ratchet plate to cause power to ...

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One of a plurality of members is rotated by driving means relative to another member around an axis, the members forming between them a narrow passage extending around the rotation axis and serving for through-flow of a liquid to be heat treated, the driving means effecting relative movement between ...

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A composition for reinforced high density rigid polyurethane products including conventional rigid polyurethane foam materials and including silica sand as a filler in quantities ranging from 10% to 75% by weight and chopped glass fibers as a reinforcing agent in quantities ranging from 3% to 25% by ...

Lois L Guerrero: Taco holding tray. William B Walter, January 25, 1977: US04004501 (48 worldwide citation)

A taco holding tray to support formed taco shells for filling and serving has a series of linear parallel spaced round bottom "V"-shaped troughs, the inclined walls of which support all but about the last one inch wide portion of the shell. The taco holding tray also has a trough at each end of the ...

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A signal processor for an ultrasonic imaging system permits the selection of scan angles and focusing distances. The system includes an ultrasonic receiver comprising an array of electromechanical transducers, with the individual transducers being coupled to phase selection circuitry whereby non-con ...

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Articles containing active proteins, such as enzymes, crosslinked to an inactive protein are prepared by dispersing and reacting in a solvent an active protein and an inactive protein simultaneously with a crosslinking agent to crosslink the active and inactive proteins together. The degree of cross ...

Thomas Anthony English: Femoral prosthesis. Bacon & Thomas, January 25, 1977: US04004300 (46 worldwide citation)

A femoral prosthesis comprising a shank, a neck integral with the shank, and a detachable ball head supported on the neck and interchangeable with other ball heads of different external size whereby a common shank and neck can support a ball head of desired external size.

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A rotary cutter for making the socket bed for a complete endoprosthesis is slidable on a guide rod, which rod is first inserted into a guide bore which has previously been made in the hip bone. The relative axial position of the cutter with respect to the rod indicates the depth of penetration of th ...

Lloyd J Perper: High frequency power source for fluorescent lamps and the like. Iota Engineering, Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, January 25, 1977: US04005335 (46 worldwide citation)

A power source for operating gas discharge lamps and other loads at high frequency, typically utilizing a 115 volt ac source rectified to provide a 150 volt dc input and providing a 20,000 hertz output. An inverter with a transistor current control for protection against transistor damage under open ...