Ronald Murl Sundelin: Electronic price display unit. January 11, 1977: US04002886 (297 worldwide citation)

This invention pertains to an electronic price display unit which can be remotely addressed and in which the price displayed can be remotely set. Such a device is particularly useful in a retail sales business in a system employing a central computer, point-of-sale terminals, and product code reader ...

Garfield P Royer: Modifying enzymes with polyethylene glycol and product produced thereby. Pierce Chemical Company, January 11, 1977: US04002531 (214 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed for the preparation of the monoalkyl polyethyleneglycol derivatives of enzymes containing free amino groups. The process involves reductively alkylating the free amino groups of the enzyme with the aldehyde derivative of a monoalkyl polyethyleneglycol.

James H Manning, John H Stark: Diester crosslinked polyglucan hydrogels and reticulated sponges thereof. International Paper Company, January 11, 1977: US04002173 (188 worldwide citation)

Novel hydrogel compositions of diester crosslinked polyglucans and a process for their preparation are provided. Amylose, dextran, and pullulan succinates and glutarates when crosslinked as described were found to not only have use as general fluid sorbants but also to have exceptional hemostatic ac ...

Wilfred Andre Maria Snijders, Nicolaas Alphonsus Maria Verhoeckx, Petrus Josephus VAN Gerwen, Hendrik Arie VAN Essen: Modulation and filtering device. U S Philips Corporation, Frank R Trifari, Simon L Cohen, January 11, 1977: US04003002 (146 worldwide citation)

A digital data transmitter is described, whose line carrier frequency need not be an integral multiple of one half the clock frequency of the digital input signal. Use is made of a digital filter for increasing the sampling frequency to a value which is twice the modulator carrier wave frequency.

John L Harned, Donald F Herrick: Engine and engine spark timing control with knock limiting etc.. General Motors Corporation, Robert M Sigler, January 11, 1977: US04002155 (118 worldwide citation)

In a spark ignition internal combustion engine, an accelerometer is mounted on an engine component, preferably the intake manifold, and senses vibration including individual ringing vibrations due to engine knock or detonation. A reference signal is derived from the accelerometer signal during the p ...

Matthias Christian Coenen: Glass compositions suitable for incorporation into concrete. Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Gen, Stanley D Schwartz, January 11, 1977: US04002482 (104 worldwide citation)

Glasses suitable for use as long term reinforcing agents for a cementitious matrix, e.g., Portland cement, or concrete. The glasses are preferably in the form of continuous filaments, short fibers, hollow spheres, or foamed glasses and have a composition consisting essentially of:

Jon J Kabara: Fatty acids and derivatives of antimicrobial agents. Murray and Whisenhunt, January 11, 1977: US04002775 (101 worldwide citation)

There is provided a food-grade microbicidal or microbiostatic composition containing a food or food-grade material and as the primary microbicide a mono-ester of a polyol and a twelve carbon atom aliphatic fatty acid.

Takeshi Matsushita, Hisao Hayashi: Semiconductor device with high voltage breakdown resistance. Sony Corporation, Hill Gross Simpson Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson, January 11, 1977: US04003072 (100 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device including a substrate of semiconductor material having charge carriers of one conductivity type and a main region of opposite conductivity type. A ring of said opposite conductivity type is disposed around the main region and an auxiliary region of said opposite conductivity t ...

Gilbert Buchalter: Method of transmitting ultrasonic impulses to surface using transducer coupling agent. Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein and Lieberman, January 11, 1977: US04002221 (94 worldwide citation)

Gel compositions are disclosed containing a primary thickening agent (e.g. carboxy polymethylene polymer) combined with small but effective amounts of an auxiliary hydroxy-containing thickener, e.g. an hydroxy alkyl cellulose polymer. The gel is particularly suitable for use with transducers wherein ...

Cleland H Johnson: Electrostatic lens to focus an ion beam to uniform density. The United States of America represented by the United States Energy Research and Development Administration, Dean E Carlson, David S Zachry, Louis M Deckelman, January 11, 1977: US04002912 (80 worldwide citation)

A focusing lens for an ion beam having a gaussian or similar density profile is provided. The lens is constructed to provide an inner zero electrostatic field, and an outer electrostatic field such that ions entering this outer field are deflected by an amount that is a function of their distance fr ...