Robert C Stevens: Hemostasis cannula. Cordis Corporation, Kenway & Jenney, January 4, 1977: US04000739 (383 worldwide citation)

Hemostasis cannula comprising a body having a passage therethrough adapted to receive a catheter and a pair of juxtaposed gaskets mounted in the passage. The first gasket forms a seal around a catheter enclosed within the cannula; the second gasket is compressed against the first to seal the passage ...

Steven William Scott: Process for preparing a branched polycarbonate. General Electric Company, Donald M Papuga, William F Mufatti, January 4, 1977: US04001184 (237 worldwide citation)

A process for preparing a thermoplastic randomly branched aromatic polycarbonate which process comprises reacting at least 20 weight percent of a stoichiometric quantity of a carbonate precursor with a mixture of a dihydric phenol and at least 0.05 mole percent of a polyfunctional aromatic compound ...

Myron D Martin: Lighting system. National Service, Oliver E Todd Jr, January 4, 1977: US04001571 (171 worldwide citation)

An improved system for lighting a floor area in a building. A plurality of lighting fixtures mounted in a ceiling structure for lighting the floor area are connected in one or more branch circuits. Each branch circuit is defined by a plurality of plural conductor branch circuit cables which distribu ...

Peter L Foris, Robert W Brown, Paul S Phillips Jr: Capsule manufacture. NCR Corporation, E Frank McKinney, January 4, 1977: US04001140 (162 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed for performing encapsulation, en masse, by an in situ polymerization reaction to yield capsule wall material. The polymerization includes a reaction between urea and formaldehyde in an aqueous vehicle and the reaction is conducted in the presence of negatively-charged, carboxy ...

Pieter Bonsen, Myron B Laver, Kent C Morris: Blood substitute and blood plasma expander comprising polyhemoglobin. Alza Corporation, Paul L Sabatine, Edward L Mandell, Thomas E Ciotti, January 4, 1977: US04001401 (142 worldwide citation)

This invention concerns a pharmaceutical composition comprising cross-linked, stromal-free hemoglobin mixed with a physiologically acceptable carrier useful as a blood substitute for carrying and supplying oxygen to tissues and organs, and as a blood plasma expander.

Vernon L Schatz: Universal funds transfer and identification card. Leydig Voit Osann Mayer & Holt, January 4, 1977: US04001550 (125 worldwide citation)

A universal funds transfer and identification card for use with electronic terminals, such card including a random access memory for storing up to date account information sufficient to allow the completion of at least certain transactions without the intervention of a remote computer. The card incl ...

Harold A Green, John J Merianos, Alfonso N Petrocci: Method of inhibiting the growth of bacteria by the application thereto of capped polymers. Millmaster Onyx Corporation, Arthur A Jacobs, January 4, 1977: US04001432 (123 worldwide citation)

A method of inhibiting the growth of bacteria by applying thereto quaternary ammonium polymers which are made by condensing a difunctional tertiary amine with an excess of 1,4-dihalo-2-butene, then after removing the unreacted 1,4-dihalo-2-butene, adding to the reaction product a calculated quantity ...

Pieter Bonsen, Myron B Laver, Kent C Morris: Novel polymerized, cross-linked, stromal-free hemoglobin. Alza Corporation, Paul L Sabatine, Edward L Mandell, Thomas E Ciotti, January 4, 1977: US04001200 (115 worldwide citation)

This invention concerns polymerized, cross-linked, stromal-free hemoglobin useful as a blood substitute for carrying oxygen to tissues and organs, as a blood plasma expander and for supplying oxygen to oxygen-requiring environments.

Jerome J Klawitter, Nazir A Bhatti: Ceramic prosthetic implant suitable for a knee joint plateau. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Navy, R Sciascia, R Beers, S Sheinbein, January 4, 1977: US04000525 (103 worldwide citation)

A ceramic prosthesis of high aluminum oxide suitable for the tibial plateau of a knee joint with the superior (upper) portion of the prosthesis being of a high density AL.sub.2 O.sub.3 having a very low porosity and the inferior (lower) portion being of high density AL.sub.2 O.sub.3 having a high de ...

Richard J Griffin: Method and device for separating blood components. Telan Corporation, John E Reilly, Earl C Hancock, January 4, 1977: US04001122 (102 worldwide citation)

Blood serum is separated from other components of whole blood by inserting a barrier device having a specific gravity between that of the blood serum and the other blood components into a centrifuge containing a sample of whole blood, and centrifuging until the barrier device migrates to a position ...