William T Clark III: Expanding mesh catheter. December 14, 1976: US03996938 (506 worldwide citation)

The diameter of a normally cylindrical mesh on the distal end of a flexible catheter is increased by a manually operated plunger so as to remove a clot from the vessel as the catheter is withdrawn.

Alejandro Zaffaroni: Medical bandage. Alza Corporation, Thomas E Ciotti, Paul L Sabatine, Edward L Mandell, December 14, 1976: US03996934 (243 worldwide citation)

A bandage for continuously administering controlled quantities of systemically active drugs through the skin or mucosa is disclosed. This bandage has a backing member which defines one of its face surfaces and at least one reservoir containing the systemically active drug formulation which defines t ...

Marvin B Goldberg: Golf wood, or iron, club. Pearson & Pearson, December 14, 1976: US03997170 (190 worldwide citation)

A golf club of the wood, or iron, type, as categorized by the U.S. Golf Association, has a head with an intact, flat, planar ball striking face but with a plurality of parallel grooves formed in the upper (or top) face, normal to the striking face to visually indicate the desired direction of stroke ...

Frederick John Adams: Centrifugally controlled toroidal transmission. Cam Gears, December 14, 1976: US03996807 (185 worldwide citation)

A speed control device includes a pair of rotatable plates having power transmission rollers positioned in a toroidal track formed between the plates by an annular groove in the opposed face of each plate. Each plate is received within a rotatable housing to which the associated plate is keyed so th ...

Luther W Ricketts, Paul M Dormans: Premium interactive communication system. The Magnavox Company, Joe E Barbee, Thomas A Briody, William J Streeter, December 14, 1976: US03997718 (179 worldwide citation)

A cable television and communication system is disclosed which is suitable for community antenna television (CATV) closed circuit television (CCTV) and other types of signal distribution systems with service function applications such as for use in hotel, motel, apartment complexes, and the like. Th ...

Henry Vernon Crock, Ljubomir Pericic: Securing devices and structures. December 14, 1976: US03997138 (162 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a securing device specifically having application in correcting certain forms of physical deformity and in other surgical techniques. The device includes a screw threaded component and a releasable clamping member carried by the component for releasably securing an elongate ...

Anton Banko: Surgical-type method for removing material. Surgical Design Corporation, Darby & Darby, December 14, 1976: US03996935 (151 worldwide citation)

The invention deals with surgical methods for the removal of tissue and other objects from the body of humans or animals, for example, foreign objects from the eye, including blood clots and the lens of the eye, by inserting a pair of jaws for engaging the object and removing portions thereof as req ...

Alvin J Marx: Patient vital-signs automated measuring apparatus. Stephen B Judlowe, December 14, 1976: US03996928 (140 worldwide citation)

Automated electronic medical vital-sign measuring and recording system apparatus includes plural transducers and signal processing channels for sequentially multiplexing the monitored patient characterizing physical parameter values onto an output record -- e.g., a printed tape. The system includes ...

Roger T Baker: Semiconductor-device for the storage of binary data. December 14, 1976: US03997799 (129 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device for the storage of binary data and means for electrically selecting a particular device from an array of such devices and either recalling the data stored therein, or introducing data to be stored therein, or both. The device includes two conducting electrodes in close proximi ...

Yoshikuni Tsuda, Osamu Onishi, Yasuo Mizohata, Ryozo Ota, Hiroshi Murakami: Connector for the use of pipes. Kubota, Frank J Jordan, December 14, 1976: US03997193 (120 worldwide citation)

In connecting a pipe with another pipe or another connector element, a cylindrical member is provided which is inserted into the end of the pipe. The cylindrical member has ring means thereon which are radially expanded in situ by an expanding tool which is inserted into the cylindrical member. As t ...

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