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A wet-laid composite, soft, bulky and absorbent paper structure is prepared from two or more layers of furnish which are preferably comprised of different fiber types. The layers are preferably formed from the deposition of separate streams of dilute fiber slurries, the fibers typically being relati ...

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Recovery of viscous petroleum such as from tar sands is assisted using a substantially vertical passage from the earth's surface which penetrates the tar sand and has extending therefrom a lateral hole containing a flow path isolated from the tar sand for circulating a hot fluid to and from the vert ...

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Recovery of viscous petroleum such as from thick tar sands is assisted using a closed-loop flow path from the earth's surface through a substantial portion of the formation for conducting hot fluid to reduce the viscosity of the petroleum in the formation to develop a potential passage in the format ...

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The disclosure herein describes a trocar particularly intended for use in laparoscopic tubal cauterization and formed of: a puncturing sharp-pointed instrument, a cannula with a flange at one end thereof, a flexible insulating ring which is received in the flange recess bore, and a collar secured in ...

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An improved ophthalmic instrument for removing vitreous and the like from the eye is provided having a smooth, unobstructed exterior surface for easy handling. The air pressure connection, vacuum connection and saline infusion connection are made through the end wall of the cap of the device.

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Disclosed is a method of bonding metals to substrates such as ceramics or metals. A bonding agent forms a eutectic alloy with the metal to provide bonding. Several methods of supplying the bonding agent to the system are disclosed. However, regardless of which method of introducing the bonding agent ...

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A combination aerosol container carrier and deceleration chamber carries an aerosol container interiorly of the deceleration chamber and by pulling out and, pivoting the aerosol container in its case, is changed to a dispensing configuration in such a manner that essential parts are not apt to be dr ...

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An extemporaneous injector assembly for use in transfusions and perfusions comprises a tubular conduit for passage therethrough of a transfusional or perfusional liquid, which is provided with a tubular branch communicating with the conduit for feeding a nourishing solution, a medicinal solution or ...

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A lid for drink cups includes a drinking flap of limited circumferential extent that may be selectively pivotally opened and closed. Such drinking flap may initially be defined by frangible lateral edges in the lid and may be held in its open position by the pull tab on the flap being inserted in a ...

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A high-Q load circuit is matched to a drive circuit with an L-type filter network including series and shunt reactances which are both either inductive or capacitive. While a first of the reactances is effectively removed from the network, the value of the second of the reactances is varied until th ...