James E Barrington: Sterilizable, medical connector for blood processing. Abcor, Richard P Crowley, October 19, 1976: US03986508 (309 worldwide citation)

A two-stage, sterilizable connector for use in processing blood, which connector assures sterility when entering a blood bag to add agents required in processing blood, the connector designed to comprise a male and female body element which, in a first extended position, are partially joined, which ...

Harold A Clark: Pigment-free coating compositions. Dow Corning Corporation, Norman E Lewis, October 19, 1976: US03986997 (299 worldwide citation)

An acidic dispersion of colloidal silica and hydroxylated silsesquioxane in an alcohol-water medium is coated onto solid substrates, such as acrylic lenses, to provide an abrasion resistant coating.

Clark J Egan: Method of power generation via coal gasification and liquid hydrocarbon synthesis. Chevron Research Company, G F Magdeburger, R H Davies, J J De Young, October 19, 1976: US03986349 (258 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an integrated process for the generation of power, particularly electrical power, from a solid carbonaceous material. A solid carbonaceous material is gasified to produce a combustible synthesis gas. A first portion of this synthesis gas is contacted with Fischer-Tropsch and hydrogenati ...

Charles A Haynes: Hydrocarbon recovery from earth strata. William E Kinnear, October 19, 1976: US03986556 (235 worldwide citation)

A catalytic process for stimulating the recovery of hydrocarbons from porous and permeable hydrocarbon bearing strata in earth formations utlizing at least one injection well and at least one production well both completed in said hydrocarbon bearing strata and a finely divided hydrocarbon cracking ...

John Howard Striegler, Eddie Paul Howell: Production of bitumen from tar sands. Atlantic Richfield Company, Ronnie D Wilson, October 19, 1976: US03986557 (220 worldwide citation)

A method of producing bitumen from a subterranean tar sand formation characterized by the following muti-step process. First, a continuous wellbore having a second section thereof contained within the formation and a first and a third section extending said second section to the earth's surface is f ...

Kenneth A Roll: Tristimulus colorimeter for use in the fabrication of artificial teeth. Weber Dental Mfg Co Div of Sterndent Corporation, Donnelly Maky Renner & Otto, October 19, 1976: US03986777 (136 worldwide citation)

A tristimulus colorimeter including a modified dual slope integrator digital voltmeter measures the red, blue and green light reflected from a sample and displays the same in digital form as optical density units. The colorimeter includes a light conducting probe with a diffusing member and a movabl ...

Joseph P Bonk: Pre-moistened towelette dispenser. Colgate Palmolive Company, Jacques M Dulin, Powell L Sprunger, October 19, 1976: US03986479 (134 worldwide citation)

Towelette dispenser and vapor impervious pouch containing a roll or web of absorbent material, such as nonwoven fibrous towelettes pre-moistened with a chemical-containing aqueous or other fluid solution. The pouch is sealed before use to prevent the loss of moisture from the pre-moistened towelette ...

Andrija Fuderer, Ernst Rudelstorfer: Selective adsorption process. Union Carbide Corporation, John C LeFever, October 19, 1976: US03986849 (129 worldwide citation)

In an adiabatic pressure swing process for separation of feed gas mixtures such as H.sub.2 containing CO.sub.2 and N.sub.2 impurities, at least seven adsorbent beds are employed of which at least two are receiving feed gas during the entire cycle, and with at least three pressure equalization stages ...

Phillip E Sokol: Hair coloring composition containing water-soluble amino and quaternary ammonium polymers. The Gillette Company, October 19, 1976: US03986825 (129 worldwide citation)

A hair treating composition containing, in addition to a hair coloring agent, a water soluble secondary or tertiary amine polymer or a polymer of diallylamine or a quaternary polymer of diallyldialkylammonium salts which improves the surface characteristics of hair.

William J Mouton Jr, David F Thompson: River turbine. Rollin D Morse, October 19, 1976: US03986787 (125 worldwide citation)

A turbine wheel on a horizontal shaft is coaxially mounted within a primary nozzle, for support in a river current below a platform carrying electrical power generation equipment. The turbine shaft and primary nozzle are submerged and oriented to enable flow of a portion of river current through the ...