Jack Kuipers: Tracking and determining orientation of object using coordinate transformation means, system and process. Polhemus Navigation Sciences, Price Heneveld Huizenga & Cooper, September 28, 1976: US03983474 (243 worldwide citation)

An electromagnetic field which nutates about a pointing vector is used to both track or locate a remote object in addition to determining the relative orientation of the object. Apparatus for generating such a field includes mutually orthogonal dipole radiators, defining a reference coordinate frame ...

Francis A L Esperance Jr: Eye surgical instrument. Seidel Gonda & Goldhammer, September 28, 1976: US03982541 (195 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus are disclosed for surgically removing surface portions of an eye such as cataract tissue. The eye surface portions to be removed are vaporized by a carbon dioxide laser beam. Smoke and vaporized portions are withdrawn by a vacuum pump.


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The method and apparatus for recording information includes a layer of memory material which normally has one structural condition having one detectable characteristic, which is capable of having portions thereof physically changed to another structural condition having another detectable characteri ...

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A coin computing apparatus includes an input for converting coin values received to coin unit data for storage along with other data. This data is subsequently converted to unit data for controlling operation of the device or the dispensing of articles. The storage includes a temporary storage for s ...

Egon Storch: Penial appliance. David Fink, September 28, 1976: US03982530 (157 worldwide citation)

A penial appliance for use in connection with a male organ of a person, featuring a base and a plurality of spaced apart elongated members extending from the base and defining an enclosure adapted to engage the male organ with the tips of the members engaging the body of the person, the enclosure ha ...

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A developer composition comprising (1) electroscopic toner particles (2) a friction-reducing material of a hardness less than said toner and having greater fricton-reducing characteristics than said toner material, and (3) a finely divided nonsmearable abrasive material of a hardness greater than sa ...

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This invention is concerned with a new class of polyetherimides. More particularly, the invention is concerned with polyetherimides derived from the reaction of an organic diamine, a bisphenol dianhydride and a dianhydride selected from the class consisting of pyromellitic dianhydride, a sulfur dian ...

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A tunable laser includes a birefringent tuning crystal placed in the laser cavity. An electrical signal is applied to the tuning crystal to establish an electrical tuning field within the crystal, and a desired laser tuning rate as a function of the applied electrical signal is established by rotati ...

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Dispensing devices employed in a bulk package of substantially wet sheets include a substantially flat section having an opening through which successive sheets are adapted to be individually dispensed. The opening includes curved surfaces which are substantially free of sharp angles and bends to pr ...