Irving F Shaw, Jerome Berk: Orally administered drug composition for therapy in the treatment of narcotic drug addiction. West Laboratories, Robert I Pearlman, September 14, 1976: US03980766 (143 worldwide citation)

Drugs which are suitable for such therapy in treatment of narcotic drug addiction by oral use, e.g., methadone, are formulated to prevent injection abuse through concentration of the active component in aqueous solution by incorporating in a solid dosage or tablet form of such drug an ingestible sol ...

Dominic Timothy Lipari: Quick release sleeve fastener. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, W H Kamstra, September 14, 1976: US03980805 (142 worldwide citation)

Electrical interconnection apparatus for coaxial cable and the like comprising a shielding sleeve removably slipped about, and covering access ports in, a tubular conductor featuring a snap-on retaining clip. An inwardly extending pin on the inner surface of the clip is inserted in aligned apertures ...

Harold C Simmons, Robert R Conrad, Mihkel Orav: Air-atomizing fuel nozzle. Parker Hannifin Corporation, Donnelly Maky Renner & Otto, September 14, 1976: US03980233 (127 worldwide citation)

A fuel injection nozzle for gas turbines in which atomization of the liquid fuel is accomplished by high-velocity air entering the combustion chamber, characterized by minimizing the surface area of metal in contact with the fuel during the atomization process and further characterized by designing ...

Walter McGregor: Controlled release suture. Johnson & Johnson, W R Eberhardt, September 14, 1976: US03980177 (126 worldwide citation)

A needle-suture combination is provided which has a suture pull-out value between 3 ounces and 26 ounces. The suture, one end of which is sized with a resin and smaller in diameter than the rest of the suture, is manufactured by placing the suture under tension, immersing a small section of the sutu ...

Jerome H Stroot: Shoulder prosthesis. Robert G Slick, September 14, 1976: US03979778 (121 worldwide citation)

A total shoulder prosthesis is provided giving greater freedom of movement than structures heretofor available. The invention also includes a novel humeral component which can be used for a partial prosthesis.

Yuji Ikuno: High frequency apparatus for heat treatment of biological tissue. Olympus Optical, Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, September 14, 1976: US03980085 (116 worldwide citation)

The apparatus comprises a high frequency oscillator, an amplifier, and a pair of electrodes for treatment of a biological tissue. A high frequency voltage of constant magnitude is applied across the electrodes to permit a current flow across a biological tissue which is held between the electrodes, ...

Francis G Merser, Philip A Kooistra, Gordon B Lankton: Interlocking attachment device. Dennison Manufacturing Company, George E Kersey, September 14, 1976: US03979799 (99 worldwide citation)

An attachment device comprises a filament having a normally laterally oriented bar at one end and a unitary hollow body member at its other end. The body member has a sidewall, an apertured end wall, a heat sealed end wall opposed thereto and a flange which projects outwardly from the sidewall and f ...

William J Bickford: Digital communications system with immunity to frequency selective fading. Raytheon Company, John R Inge, Joseph D Pannone, Milton D Bartlett, September 14, 1976: US03980945 (99 worldwide citation)

A digital communications system with increased resistance to frequency selective fading. Digital signals to be transmitted are phase shift modulated upon a spectrum spreaded carrier. The carrier is generated by mixing the output of a band spread oscillator with a locally generated IF oscillator sign ...

Shinichi Kishimoto, Hiroshi Yamamoto: Test strips and methods and apparatus for using the same. Kabushiki Kaisha Kyoto Daiichi Kagaku, Steinberg and Blake, September 14, 1976: US03980437 (95 worldwide citation)

A test strip of the type which is dipped into a liquid such as urine for indicating by color information with respect to the liquid. The test strip has a transparent backing on one side of which is located a color-reaction paper with a fastening layer situated between the paper and the backing for f ...

Osamu Kan: Self-standing bag. Dai Nippon Insatsu Kabushiki Kaisha, Spensley Horn & Lubitz, September 14, 1976: US03980225 (91 worldwide citation)

A self-standing bag is made of two similar side wall sheets disposed in an opposng relation and a bottom wall sheet having two edges thereof heat-fused with the lower edges of the two side wall sheets and being folded along a central folding line into the interspace between the two side wall sheets ...