Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry: System for dispensing polyurethane and the like. Instapak Corporation, Albert Siegel, August 24, 1976: US03976230 (22 worldwide citation)

A polyurethane foam dispensing system wherein electrical lines in the conduits thereof are used to controllably heat the foam precursor materials and to maintain such material at optimum temperature for foam formation. A thermistor at the dispensing end of such conduits senses the temperature of the ...

Peter B Samuels, Ernest C Wood: Securing devices for sutures. McDougall Hersh & Scott, August 24, 1976: US03976079 (514 worldwide citation)

Devices for releasably securing externally located sutures are disclosed. These devices may be utilized, for example, to maintain a retention suture in place over an abdominal incision. According to a first configuration, the devices have button-like bodies and have slots therethrough for receiving ...

Everett Truman Eiselen: Apparatus for image manipulation. International Business Machines Corporation, R Bruce Brodie, August 24, 1976: US03976982 (218 worldwide citation)

An image can be represented by an M .times. N array I(*,*) of image points, where each point I(i,j) over the ranges 0.ltoreq.i

Philip E Lawrence, Boris M Plesinger: Golf club head apparatus. H Gordon Shields, August 24, 1976: US03976299 (194 worldwide citation)

Golf club head apparatus is disclosed which includes a curved top portion with a concave portion beneath the curved top portion and internally adjustable weights are disposed adjacent the face of the club head.

W Robert Carnes Jr, Lester L Selnick, John Balogh Jr: Method and apparatus for sorting currency. Pitney Bowes, William D Soltow Jr, Albert W Scribner, Robert S Salzman, August 24, 1976: US03976198 (179 worldwide citation)

A method of currency examination is provided by transporting a bill through an examination station, projecting a beam of light at the bill as the bill is transported through the station, sensing and integrating light transmissivity of the bill over a principle portion of the area of a bill during tr ...

Georg Spinner: Coaxial plug-type connection. Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, August 24, 1976: US03976352 (161 worldwide citation)

A sealed coaxial cable plug type connection in which the cavity between the inner and outer conductors of each cable connected is filled in the vicinity of the plug contacts with dielectric material; the shaping and resiliency of the dielectric material properly seals the connection; additional mean ...

Spencer Cleveland, Fred F Coury: Portable securities selector system. Spencer Cleveland, Townsend and Townsend, August 24, 1976: US03976840 (136 worldwide citation)

A system for enabling securities information to be elicited and transactions to be automatically executed by an investor from a conventional telephone. A portable pocketsized data terminal having a keyboard, a display and status indicator lamps includes an acoustic coupler device for removable attac ...

George Sebestyen: Precessing display pager. Sanders Associates, Louis Etlinger, Robert K Tendler, August 24, 1976: US03976995 (133 worldwide citation)

A hand held pager is disclosed in which a transmitted message is displayed in alpha/numeric form by a precessing display which moves the received message across the display in a continuous fashion so that the display need be only large enough to present a relatively small portion of the total messag ...

John L Quick, Daniel D Wyncott: Vial and syringe connector assembly. Baxter Laboratories, Louis Altman, Garrettson Ellis, Paul C Flattery, August 24, 1976: US03976073 (132 worldwide citation)

A vial and syringe connector assembly is provided for the sterile addition of fluid material to a sealed container having an injection-type access port. The assembly comprises a syringe connector which carries a hollow, injection needle having one pointed end for passing through such access port. Th ...

Franklin W Kerfoot Jr: Eye surgery device. Caesar Rivise Bernstein & Cohen, August 24, 1976: US03976077 (126 worldwide citation)

An ophthalmic surgical device including a housing having an extension sleeve projecting from one end thereof. A rotary shaft, having helical threads at one end thereof, which threads terminate in a cutting tip, is disposed within the extension sleeve with the tip being exposed at the free end of the ...