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A low-density, soft, bulky and absorbent paper sheet exhibiting a diamond-shaped pattern in its surface after creping, said paper being characterized by having a cross-directional stretch of from about 2 to about 6 percent, as well as improved softness, surface feel and drape, said paper sheet being ...

Stirling A Colgate: In situ solution mining of coal. New Mexico Tech Research Foundation, Brumbaugh Graves Donohue & Raymond, August 10, 1976: US03973628 (234 worldwide citation)

Underground strata surrounding a coal seam are prestressed by repeated fracturing with a settable material to strengthen and seal the strata to contain a hydrostatic pressure in the coal seam of about 100 to about 500 atmospheres, thereby providing a gas and liquid-tight seal surrounding and within ...

Lois E Wilson: Making spinel and aluminum-base metal cermet. Corning Glass Works, Richard N Wardell, Clarence R Patty Jr, August 10, 1976: US03973977 (178 worldwide citation)

Dense coherent composition of matter composed essentially of, on a weight basis, 10 to 30% aluminum-base metal phase finely interspersed throughout a mass of substantially submicron size crystals of at least 60% magnesium aluminate spinel, 0 to 10% alpha alumina, 0 to 2% mullite and 0 to 5% magnesiu ...

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A surgical device of the kind having a cannula fitted with a laterally extending wing or wings also includes a sheet of flexible material having an adhesive surface which is fixed to the wing or wings and is capable of folding forwardly beyond the wing or wings to engage the skin of the patient to h ...

Lionel C R Emmett: Intrauterine device of C or omega form. A H Robins Company Incorporated, Strauch Nolan Neale Nies & Kurz, August 10, 1976: US03973560 (139 worldwide citation)

An intrauterine contraceptive device made from plastic having a C-shape or Omega-shape to enable it to lie in the uterine cavity. Lines of predetermined length are attached at one of their ends respectively to enlargement portions of the terminal ends of the device and with their other ends fastened ...

John Joseph Sipe: Load signaling device for a patients foot. Smithkline Corporation, Smith Harding Earley & Follmer, August 10, 1976: US03974491 (137 worldwide citation)

A device for signaling a patient when a predetermined load is placed on the patient's foot comprises a resilient foot pad having a toe end and a heel end and adapted to substantially cover the inner sole of a shoe. A resilient liquid filled tube is mounted within the pad with the tube extending from ...

James Campbell Semple, Gordon Arthur William Murray: Attaching fibrous connective tissue to bone. Baldwin Wight & Brown, August 10, 1976: US03973277 (113 worldwide citation)

A bone implant for attaching fibrous connective tissue such as a tendon or ligament, either artificial or natural, to bone, which comprises a tapered porous plug, preferably of sintered metal; a tendon prosthesis having such a plug at its distal end is also disclosed.

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A bleaching composition and method utilizing a percompound, an acyl-alkyl ester, and an ester-hydrolyzing enzyme, the ester and the enzyme being adapted to react to form an activator for the percompound.

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An improved oral irrigation technique is characterized by an oscillatory swept water jet issued to sweep back and forth at high frequencies across the user's gums and teeth. High frequency operation is achieved by oscillating the jet itself rather than the jet-issuing body. The high frequency sweepi ...

Heinz B Maeder: TV remote controller. Motorola, Thomas G Watkins III, Harry M Weiss, August 10, 1976: US03974451 (87 worldwide citation)

An asynchronous receiver system for remotely controlling an apparatus and capable of being substantially completely constructed on a single integrated circuit chip. This system includes an input stage means for receiving during successive receiving cycles an incoming signal comprising repetitive gro ...