Gabor Ujhelyi Kalman: Patient monitoring system. Reising Ethington Barnard, August 3, 1976: US03972320 (447 worldwide citation)

A monitoring system is disclosed for producing an alarm at a central station when a monitored condition at a monitor station deviates beyond a predetermined limit. The monitor system is especially adapted for monitoring a vital function of plural patients in a hospital so that a single attendant is ...

Kouan Fong: Power line access data system. General Electric Company, Geoffrey H Krauss, Joseph T Cohen, Jerome C Squillaro, August 3, 1976: US03973240 (232 worldwide citation)

A two-way communication system is disclosed utilizing power transmission lines as the transmission medium. The system is a multilevel repeater system in which each repeater has a unique address. The lowest level repeaters poll the terminal stations connected thereto in time multiplex. Transmission o ...

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A signal repeater is described for relaying information in a two-way communication system superimposed on a power distribution network. The repeater senses signals passing in either direction in the system, translates the received signal to a different band or group frequencies, and transmits the fr ...

Andrew G Tsuk, Frederick H Martin: Dosage form. American Home Products Corporation, August 3, 1976: US03972995 (183 worldwide citation)

The disclosure is directed to dosage forms for buccal administration of a drug and are directly applicable to the interior surfaces of the mouth. The dosage form is comprised of a support member, which is water insoluble, waterproof and flexible, a moisture activated, adhesive precursor applied to o ...

James Ling Chen: Surgical bandage. E R Squibb & Sons, Lawrence S Levinson, Merle J Smith, Stephen B Davis, August 3, 1976: US03972328 (168 worldwide citation)

Bandage which can be applied to the skin in place of the normal surgical dressings comprising an adhesive layer, a layer of flexible semi-open cell polymeric foam, and an outer water impervious flexible polymeric film coating.

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A system for monitoring the channel to which a remotely located voltage tunable receiver or converter is tuned includes a comparator for comparing the magnitude of the tuning voltage with an internally generated reference voltage to determine the channel number. The reference voltage is generated by ...

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In a system for wireless staff location where non-coded acknowledgement signals are transmitted from a called staff locator to identify the staff locator from which the acknowledgement signal is sent which is characterized by the fact that the acknowledgement signal is allotted to the staff locator ...

Kenneth J Albert: Drinking receptacle. Thermo Seal, August 3, 1976: US03972443 (114 worldwide citation)

A drinking receptacle provided with a generally cup-like body and an enclosing cover removably coupled to the top portion and upper open end of the cup-like body; the cover having a drinking or outlet opening near the peripheral rim thereof; and a finger operated valve adapted to open and close said ...

Darrell R Heath, Joseph G Wirth: 4,4-Isopropylidene-bis(3- and 4-phenyleneoxyphthalic anhydride). General Electric Company, Joseph T Cohen, Jerome C Squillaro, August 3, 1976: US03972902 (113 worldwide citation)

Aryloxy dianhydrides are prepared from the hydrolysis of the reaction product of a nitro-substituted phenyl dinitrile with a metal salt of a dihydroxy aryl compound in the presence of a dipolar aprotic solvent.

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A method and apparatus is described which allows a cw dye laser to be tuned over hundreds of angstroms on a nanosecond time scale in spite of the relatively long cavity decay and build up time. A tuning element is positioned at the mid-point between the reflective mirrors that define the length of t ...