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A self-supporting durable flexible conformable low-pressure-drop porous sheet product that contains a uniform three-dimensional arrangement of discrete solid particles. This sheet product comprises, in addition to the particles, a web of melt-blown microfibers in which the particles are uniformly di ...

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A bioelectrical impedance measuring system that measures and indicates the impedance of a biological subject, such as one or more human extremities. The system measures and indicates a basal impedance value of the measured subject, and also indicates short temporal variations in the basal value. In ...

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Contacts of electrically conductive elastomers, integrally fixed to conductors by bonding or molding in place, are situated to contact, with little resistance, mating electrical conductors and elastically deform under the contacting forces to seal the mated conductor surface thereby inhibiting corro ...

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A miniature, ingestible and encapsulated telemeter device for transmitting information relating to deep-body temperature of a subject comprising a battery source of power, and a free running multivibrator circuit having fixed biasing means connected to oscillator having a predetermind resonant frequ ...

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Data, for example, data relating to a bank account, is carried on the person in the form of a small portable means such as a flat card containing encapsulated logic microstructures. The circuitry includes a memory and its control circuits, with inhibitor means preventing access to predetermined sect ...

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A composition comprising a polyether having silicon end group, which composition is changeable to a rubber-like substance upon exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature.

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Compositions, preferably in particulate form, comprising a cellular matrix having oil in the cells thereof in which the matrix comprises polysaccharide and polyhydroxy compounds in such proportions that the oil may constitute up to 80% by volume so stably held in the cells that the extractable oil i ...

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In a digital transmission system that encodes each sample of a video signal into a variable bit length data word to form a consecutive stream of variable bit length data words, synchronization between the received data words and their properly associated spatial addresses is maintained by periodical ...

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A process for dispensing medicaments in aerosol form for inhalation therapy is disclosed. The process comprises: providing a hollow elongate housing having air inlet and air outlet passages; generating a positive pressure, air-stream between the inlet and outlet passages; rotationally releasing medi ...

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A waveguide post slides through a resilient barrel which is adjustably clamped against the waveguide post to control its slidability and provide reliable electric contact. As a sliding short for a coaxial transmisson line termination, a shorting bar incorporating two resilient barrels engages both t ...