Bryce E Bayer: Color imaging array. Eastman Kodak Company, George E Grosser, July 20, 1976: US03971065 (821 worldwide citation)

A sensing array for color imaging includes individual luminance- and chrominance-sensitive elements that are so intermixed that each type of element (i.e., according to sensitivity characteristics) occurs in a repeated pattern with luminance elements dominating the array. Preferably, luminance eleme ...

Charles F Morrison: Electrosurgical devices having sesquipolar electrode structures incorporated therein. Valleylab, Gerald J Ferguson Jr, Joseph J Baker, July 20, 1976: US03970088 (393 worldwide citation)

An electrosurgical device connected to an electrical generator having active and return output terminals, the device being used to cut, coagulate, or otherwise treat human tissue or the like, the device comprising: an insulative electrode support; an active electrode responsive to the active output ...

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A new and improved microminiature field emission electron source and method of manufacturing is described using a single crystal semiconductor substrate. The substrate is processed in accordance with known integrated microelectronic circuit techniques to form a plurality of integral, single crystal ...

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Small magnetic particles coated with an antibody layer are used to provide large and widely-distributed surface area for sorting out and separating select viruses, bacteria and other cells from multi-cell, bacteria or virus populations.

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A user transaction terminal which may be connected for communication with a large scale data processing system includes a card handling subsystem which receives and transports user information cards; a user communication subsystem which includes a keyboard and an optical display; a hardware control ...

Akin Aksu: Printed circuit board testing means. Fulwider Patton Rieber Lee & Utecht, July 20, 1976: US03970934 (146 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a printed circuit board test fixture which comprises a housing, a pair of parallel, opposed platens with press means associated with at least one of the platens. One of the platens supports a printed circuit board and the other supports a plurality of spring-biased, probe contact ...

Richard McFee: Exercise stair device. Kenyon & Kenyon Reilly Carr & Chapin, July 20, 1976: US03970302 (127 worldwide citation)

The exercise stair device is a lightweight compact unit which simulates the exercise obtained while climbing stairs.

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There is disclosed a method for the manufacture of golf clubs of the iron type having the capability of imparting better loft and directional stability to golf balls. This capability results from the manufacture of the golf irons with desirably low centers of gravity and a generally symmetrical weig ...

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Method and apparatus are disclosed whereby messages are encoded by message element exchangers which utilize a delay device for transposing selected pairs of message elements so that the first element of the pair undergoes a delay 2T and the remaining message element of the pair experiences no delay. ...

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A device capable of sealing the extracorporeal end of a catheter sheath in which has been disposed a catheter is described. An elastomeric member such as a toroidal bladder is confined within a chamber defined by a rigid, hollow body portion and controllably distended so as to restrict a lumen throu ...