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Carrier-bound proteins are prepared by reacting a protein in aqueous solution with a coupling compound having at least one group capable of acylating or alkylating proteins and at least one additional group capable of producing a bond with a carrier material, and reacting the resulting product with ...

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A device for determining the state of charge in batteries. The battery un test is discharged to its maximum capability by controlling the discharge current in a linear manner. The product of the current and battery voltage is recorded until the battery power reaches maximum at the maximum power poin ...

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A MISFET dynamic random access memory chip having 4,096 single transistor, single capacitor storage cells yet packaged in a standard sixteen pin dual inline package is disclosed. Six bit row address and six bit column address data are sequentially multiplexed into row address latches and column addr ...

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A method and apparatus for controlling a combustion engine. Means are provided for controlling the energy conversion function of the engine. Adjustments of these control means are obtained by sensing at least one engine operating condition, developing an electrical signal indicative of such conditio ...

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A process is disclosed for the large-scale abatement of acid gases in hot industrial effluent gas streams. In a first stage, the proportion of acid gases in a hot gas stream containing a relatively high initial concentration of acid gases is substantially reduced by contacting the gas stream with an ...

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A semiconductor wafer, which has chips formed thereon, is moved from a class 100 environment into a vacuum chamber in which pattern writing is performed on the chips by an electron beam without significantly affecting the vacuum level in the vacuum chamber. The wafer is initially disposed on an elev ...

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An essentially hollow device for use in a body opening without limitation to but as an endotracheal tube, a bronchoscope, a vascular or cervical dilator and the like wherein the same has an outer surface that is operable to expand into engagement with the wall of the body opening into which the same ...

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The process of separating a mixture which is in liquid state or solid state or liquid and solid state and contains at least one compound containing an organic group, which comprises

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A foam package for food comprises a dish section and a cover section which are provided with hinging and latching mechanisms for closing and opening the package. The hinging and latching mechanisms comprise outwardly projecting tongues on the dish section which extend into complementary apertures in ...

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A wide variety of non-polar organic liquids are converted into gels by homogeneously admixing the non-polar organic liquids with a small amount of certain N-acyl amino acids or derivatives of N-acyl amino acids such as esters, amides and amine salts of the N-acyl amino acids.