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A disposable absorbent pad such as a diaper, sanitary napkin, underpad, surgical dressing or wipe, and the like, is made from a flexible, body fluid-impermeable backing sheet, a layer of absorbent material on the backing sheet, and a soft, body fluid-permeable facing sheet which overlies the absorbe ...

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Disclosed is an improved catheter package wherein the improvement comprises a rupturable, lubricant containing pouch located within the package and adjacent to the tip of the catheter.

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A method for sterilizing the human female by tubal ligation comprising the use of a ring applicator device having forceps means slidably mounted inside a cylindrical tube for grasping the Fallopian tube and pulling it within the device and means for pushing or otherwise displacing an elastic or stre ...

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A drug delivery device for administering a drug at a controlled rate for a prolonged period of time to produce a local or systemic physiological or pharmacological effect is comprised of a wall surrounding a reservoir containing a drug. The reservoir is formed of a drug carrier permeable to the pass ...

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The shower spray apparatus has a hollow housing with three spray exit openings in a common face, two for normal spray and the third for pulsating spray. Incoming pressurized water is fed into a diverter which includes a slide valve adjustable to proportion the flow of water along either of two paths ...

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A bottom loading dispensing container for liquid impregnated wipes is disclosed. The top and sides of the container are a single molded plastic element. The top has an opening in its center which is sealed by a removable lid. The container is sealed at the bottom with a liquid impervious element whi ...

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The disclosure relates to a drinking receptacle and valve means wherein: hot or cold liquids may be safely contained and carried during intermittent drinking such that the liquids cannot be spilled and in the case of hot liquids the valve means is manually operable to open the drinking valve to allo ...

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A novel method for controlling the nervous system of a living organism for therapeutic and research purposes, among other applications, and an electronic system utilized in, and enabling the practice of, the invented method. Bioelectrical signals generated in specifictopological areas of the organis ...

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A height sensing device is provided which comprises a beam interrupter which swings into and out of the path of a beam passing from a light source to a photodiode. The beam interrupter is a disc rotatably mounted on a swinging sensor. The disc has a slot eccentrically located about the rotational ax ...

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An improved incoherent optical processor fingerprint identification apparatus employs a rotatable grating for inspecting the ridge orientations in a plurality of preselected finite sample areas of a fingerprint. A detector array including a plurality of detectors each related to a discrete sampled a ...