Naonobu Shimomura: Digital function generator utilizing cascade accumulation. Staas & Halsey, June 29, 1976: US03967100 (47 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to apparatus for obtaining the numerical value of a function of a single or plural number of variables. The method of cascade accumulation is used in which memories M0, M1, M2, . . . , Mn are involved and under one cycle of manipulation the contents of memories M1, M2, . . . , ...

Joseph R Williamson: Convertible food service cart. Weiser Stapler & Spivak, June 29, 1976: US03965969 (47 worldwide citation)

A convertible food service cart including a cold tray compartment and a conversion compartment, both of which are insulated and cooled by respective refrigeration systems. The conversion compartment is provided with a plurality of electrical plugs which connect in parallel and which are vertically s ...

Roy L Swank: Blood autotransfusion method and apparatus. Eugene D Farley, June 29, 1976: US03965896 (46 worldwide citation)

Blood is autotransfused during surgical procedures involving a bleeding wound in which blood accumulates in the wound, by intermittently sucking the blood from the wound, anticoagulating the blood as it is collected, filtering the collected blood for the removal of debris and trauma-altered constitu ...

Jack E Caveney, Roy A Moody: Integral cable tie. Panduit Corporation, Prangley Dithmar Vogel Sandler & Stotland, June 29, 1976: US03965538 (45 worldwide citation)

An integral one-piece cable tie including an elongated flexible strap having a row of teeth thereon, a frame integral with one end of the strap and having an abutment wall and an end wall and an entry surface and an exit surface and a strap-receiving opening therethrough, a ledge extending from the ...

William Roy Gustafson: Shaped catalyst particles. American Cyanamid Company, William J van Loo, June 29, 1976: US03966644 (44 worldwide citation)

Shaped catalyst particles are described which are particularly useful in hydrocarbon conversion processes and, in particular, in processes which are influenced by mass transfer such as the trickle bed hydrogenation process and hydrotreating of residuum.

Romuald E Slipiec, Ronald A Schultz: Corona discharge ozone generating unit. Ozone Incorporated, Wallenstein Spangenberg Hattis & Strampel, June 29, 1976: US03967131 (44 worldwide citation)

An ozone generating unit comprises a number of dielectric tube and electrode assemblies bundled together in confronting contacting relationship, each dielectric tube and electrode assembly preferably comprising a number of concentrically related and spaced dielectric tubes. The ends of the dielectri ...

Richard John Ernst: Combination drilling and wrenching tool. Illinois Tool Works, T W Buckman, R E Beart, June 29, 1976: US03965510 (43 worldwide citation)

A combination tool attachment for a power tool device, including a mandrel carrying a drill bit, telescopically mounted in a body portion. The body portion including a socket-type driving extremity with a bore extending therethrough so that the drill can selectively be retracted or extended. A rotat ...

Kenneth J Mitchell, Kurt W Ostermeier: Method of bonding fibrous webs and resulting products. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Daniel J Hanlon Jr, William D Herrick, Raymond J Miller, June 29, 1976: US03966519 (43 worldwide citation)

Fibrous webs are bonded by passing through a nip comprising an anvil and a hammer vibrating at high frequencies in the presence of uncombined liquid. The liquid is moved within the web causing rearrangement and entanglement of the fibers resulting in improved web properties such as strength, drape, ...

Ralph K Potter: Secret telephony. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, H A Burgess, June 29, 1976: US03967067 (43 worldwide citation)

1. In a system of secret transmission of speech, means to subdivide speech waves constituting a message into a plurality of narrow frequency bands, means to integrate the energy in each band, means individual to said bands to subdivide the integrated energy from each band on a time basis to produce ...

Samuel L McNair: Hydrotherapy foot tub having heating and massaging means. Dazey Products Company, Lowe Kokjer Kircher Wharton & Bowman, June 29, 1976: US03965495 (42 worldwide citation)

A hollow casing presents a foot tub in which liquid is contained. An electric heating element is supported within an aluminum container which is in turn mounted within an enclosed central console on the floor of the casing. A fan cooled vibrator motor is mounted on a rigid plate which is secured to ...