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A surgical retractor comprises a frame on which a plurality of retractor arm mounting members are mounted for movement along the frame, and retractor arms are carried by the mounting members for movement of the arms transversely of the frame, and collapsible and extensible retractor blades are carri ...

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A protein-immobilizing hydrophobic polymeric membrane comprising an organic, hydrophobic polymeric substrate with a specific protein reactive group pendant therefrom in preselected concentration is disclosed. The protein reactive groups is a free group of a hydrocarbon chain which has one end thereo ...

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An ink reservoir and supply arrangement associated with a printing head of an ink jet printer having means for filling the supply device automatically. The device is arranged to follow the movements of the printing head along an adjacent recording medium. A liquid filling member is adapted to transf ...

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A data transmission system for obtaining information from a plurality of data sources includes an interrogate source for transmitting RF interrogate signals to the locations of the data sources and a transponder associated with each data source for receiving the interrogate signals and for generatin ...

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An electronic security system adapted for use in a controlled area such as a retail store and employing a multi-frequency resonant tag circuit having distinct frequencies for detection and discrimination. An electromagnetic field is provided within the controlled area at a frequency which is swept t ...

John J Rozmus: Golf club. Frederick J Olsson, June 29, 1976: US03966210 (189 worldwide citation)

A gold club (either wood, iron or putter) constructed to cause the striking face to be aligned normal to the line of swing both during the swing and at the instant of impact and also constructed to provide, at the instant of impact, a high moment of inertia with respect to the center line, the align ...

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A dry-process method and apparatus for producing archival microform records from light reflecting hard copy utilize a dry-process mask film strip which is photosensitive to and microimaged by light reflected and reduced or condensed from the hard copy and developed by heat to provide microimaged tra ...

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An absorbent article comprising an absorbent pad having a front surface, and sheet means, including a film of thermoplastic material, covering at least a portion of the front surface of the pad. A pattern is fused into the film to define a discontinuous front surface of the article.

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The disclosure comprises a method and apparatus for using a pushbutton telephone keyboard in which a signal sequence representing a unique symbol is generated by pushing a first button on which the desired symbol is located, each button being labeled with at most a three by three array of symbols, a ...

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A distribution network power line communication system which is divided into addressable communication zones defined by repeaters located at the distribution transformers of the distribution network. Each repeater, when uniquely addressed by an interrogation signal from an interrogating source, stri ...