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A drug delivery device for percutaneously administering a drug comprising a plurality of projections, a drug reservoir containing a drug, and where the projections extend from the reservoir and are adapted for penetrating the stratum corneum for percutaneously administering a drug from the reservoir ...

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Glucose is rapidly ad quantitatively determined with an analytical agent containing glucose dehydrogenase having an activity of at least 2 .mu./mg and NADH.sub.2 oxidase activity less than 0.1%, a pyridine coenzyme, a buffer and mutarotase to increase spontaneous mutarotation of alpha-glucose to bet ...


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A high frequency signal for cutting human tissue is generated by common-emitter configured oscillator circuit that is adapted to maintain the cutting signal relatively constant in spite of impedance variations in the load caused by variations in the conduction of the tissue being cut.

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Undesirable effects, such as heaviness, oiliness and stringiness, accompanying the deposition of lusterizing amounts of polydimethylsiloxane on the hair during shampooing are reduced or overcome without substantially affecting luster by the presence in the shampoo composition of a polymeric hair bod ...

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Slow release pharmaceutical compositions comprising a combination of a higher aliphatic alcohol and a hydrated hydroxy-alkyl cellulose in ratio of from 2:1 to 4:1 parts by weight and comprising from 20 to 40 percent by weight of the composition; the method for making the same, and their inclusion in ...

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This describes a method for improved data signaling equipment for use with well-drilling tools for rapidly sending measurements made down the hole in the wellbore to the surface without the need of an electric cable. A special well tool is connected into a drill string having a drill bit coupled the ...

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A stereotaxic fixture comprises a cannula angle guide attached to an offset index, a parallel heading guide with intercept chain attached, and a frame which provides fixation for the guides, allowing rapid and secure position readjustment, and which provides retention of orientation between the guid ...

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A drinking receptacle provided with a generally cup like body and an enclosing cover removably coupled to the top portion and upper open end of the cup like body, the cover having a drinking opening near the peripheral rim thereof, and a finger operated valve adapted to open and close said drinking ...

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Three improvements to a prior art bioptome are disclosed. The prior art bioptome comprises: tongs, an elongated flexible spiral wire catheter attached to the working end of one of the legs of the tongs; an elongated wire that is rotationally jointed to the working end of the other leg of the tongs a ...