Mildred A Crawford: Decorative and protective device for use with a floral container. Wayland D Keith, June 8, 1976: US03962503 (482 worldwide citation)

The present device is used in connection with floral arrangements which utilize a pot or vase with water therein, which water might spill or seep onto the surface of a piece of furniture, such as a table or the like. The device embodies a sheet of decorative foil which is cemented to a tray, which t ...

Robert Walton Gore: Very highly stretched polytetrafluoroethylene and process therefor. W L Gore & Associates, E A Uebler, June 8, 1976: US03962153 (266 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a tetrafluoroethylene polymer in a porous form which has an amorphous content exceeding about 5% and which has a micro-structure characterized by nodes interconnected by fibrils. The material has high porosity and high strength. It can be used to produce all kinds of shaped a ...

Mohamed H Moossun: Stomach intubation and catheter placement system. Low & Matthews, June 8, 1976: US03961632 (214 worldwide citation)

A trans-abdominal stomach catheter placement system involving an external nasogastric intubation device with a mobile distal end embracing magnetic determination of the device adjacent the abdominal wall and displacement of internal organs thereat to facilitate stomach perforation, of a catheter of ...

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Regulation of the flow and pressure of the respiration gas in a respirator coupled to a patient is disclosed in regard to a respirator arrangement having a flow and pressure measuring device arranged proximate the patient connection for determining the flow and pressure of the respiration gas and co ...

Sol Katzen: Preserved nutrients and products. Christen & Sabol, June 8, 1976: US03962416 (135 worldwide citation)

An encapsulating agent and a nutrient are admixed, and then the encapsulating agent is gelatinized or polymerized under high temperature and pressure so as to encapsulate the nutrient. The encapsulation allows the nutrient to be kept in a dry stabilized state for a long period of time without the lo ...

William Friedrich Ehrsam, Carl H W Meyer, Robert Lowell Powers, John Lynn Smith, Walter Leonard Tuchman: Product block cipher system for data security. International Business Machines Corporation, Edwin Lester, June 8, 1976: US03962539 (124 worldwide citation)

A device for ciphering a block of data bits under control of a cipher key. The cipher device performs a ciphering process for the block of data by carrying out an operation in which the block of data bits is first expanded by duplicating predetermined ones of the data bits. The data bits of the expa ...

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Catalyst-inhibitor systems for the polymerization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) having excellent properties for fabrication of fibers and films. The catalyst-inhibitor systems comprise a combination of organic or inorganic salts of manganese and cobalt; titanium alkoxides; organic salts of alkali ...

Alan S Michaels: Structured bioerodible drug delivery device. Alza Corporation, Paul L Sabatine, June 8, 1976: US03962414 (107 worldwide citation)

A drug delivery device for the continuous and controlled administration of a predetermined therapeutically effective dosage of eye drug to the eye of a mamallian patient over a prolonged period of time. The device meters the flow of polylactic acid polymer micro-encapsulated eye drug by means of a d ...

Roger Clarence Birkofer: Mild thickened shampoo compositions with conditioning properties. The Procter & Gamble Company, Robert B Aylor, Ronald L Hemingway, George W Allen, June 8, 1976: US03962418 (104 worldwide citation)

Mild thickened liquid shampoo compositions with conditioning properties comprise anionic surfactants, specific zwitterionic and amphoteric surfactants, polyethoxylated nonionic surfactants and a cationic cellulose ether thickening and conditioning agent.

Robert P Nielsen, John H La Rochelle: Catalyst for production of ethylene oxide. Shell Oil Company, June 8, 1976: US03962136 (96 worldwide citation)

When supported silver materials are being prepared, deposits of from about 4.0 .times. 10.sup.-.sup.5 to about 8.0 .times. 10.sup.-.sup.3 gram equivalent weights per kilogram of finished product of ionic, higher alkali metals, i.e., ionic potassium, rubidium or cesium simultaneously with the deposit ...