Wayne Front March: Non-invasive automatic glucose sensor system. Alter and Weiss, May 25, 1976: US03958560 (218 worldwide citation)

A unique glucose sensor to determine the glucose level in patients, for example, for use in treating or diagnosing diabetes. The patient's eye is automatically scanned using a source of radiation at one side of the patient's cornea. A sensor located at the other side of the cornea detects the radiat ...

Osamu Komiya: Surgical instrument for clipping any affected portion of a body cavity. Olympus Optical, May 25, 1976: US03958576 (205 worldwide citation)

A clip member of substantially a figure "eight" shape is detachably attached to an instrument body. The instrument body has an outer flexible tube, an actuating tubular member inserted into the outer tube, and a wire inserted into the actuating tubular member. A holder is detachably mounted through ...

Metro M Chrepta, Harold Jacobs: Semiconductor waveguide antenna with diode control for scanning. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Army, Nathan Edelberg, Robert P Gibson, Daniel Sharp, May 25, 1976: US03959794 (152 worldwide citation)

A single element line scanner applicable to millimeter or submillimeter w beam steering which includes a semiconductor waveguide made of a high resistivity bulk single crystal intrinsic semiconductor material such as silicon. Parallel spaced radiator elements are disposed on one major or top surface ...

Jean Louis Abegg, Jean Pierre Boiteux, Colette Hourseau: Cosmetic composition containing a cationic polymer and divalent metal salt for strengthening the hair. L Oreal, Cushman Darby & Cushman, May 25, 1976: US03958581 (128 worldwide citation)

A cosmetic composition to strengthen the hair which comprises (a) a cosmetic vehicle containing a member selected from water, ethanol, isopropanol or mixtures thereof (b) 0.2 to 25 percent by weight of a cationic polymer and (c) 0.01 - 0.5 mole per gram of cationic polymer of a divalent metal salt s ...

Alfred Stockinger, Joachim Mainka: Optical surveying apparatus, such as transit, with artificial light scale illuminating system. Wild Heerbrugg Aktiengesellschaft, Flynn and Frishauf, May 25, 1976: US03958885 (121 worldwide citation)

A light emitting diode is located beneath a glass scale carrier, one for each scale (azimuth and elevation), emitting essentially monochromatic light, which penetrates through the glass scale; the scale is observed through an optical system. The optical system for viewing of the scale is located on ...

Ray L Geddes, Harry D Robinson Jr: Direct quench apparatus. Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, Morgan Finnegan Pine Foley & Lee, May 25, 1976: US03959420 (118 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for effecting direct quench of pyrolysis furnace effluent. A quench tube sized somewhat larger in diameter than the furnace effluent pipe is provided with an upper inverted ring and an external housing surrounding the terminus of the furnace effluent pipe, the quench tube and the inlet ...

Meyer Steinberg: Electrolytic synthesis of methanol from CO.sub.2. The United States of America represented by the United States Energy Research and Development Administration, Dean E Carlson, Leonard Belkin, May 25, 1976: US03959094 (96 worldwide citation)

A method and system for synthesizing methanol from the CO.sub.2 in air using electric power. The CO.sub.2 is absorbed by a solution of KOH to form K.sub.2 CO.sub.3 which is electrolyzed to produce methanol, a liquid hydrocarbon fuel.

Francis Oswald Agricola, William Watson Briner, Robert James Granger, James Stone Widder: Oral compositions for calculus retardation. The Procter & Gamble Company, Ronald L Hemingway, Robert B Aylor, George W Allen, May 25, 1976: US03959458 (96 worldwide citation)

Oral compositions, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, and the like, containing certain anticalculus agents, and a specific anticaries agent which provides anticaries benefits while avoiding adverse effects on silicate filling materials present in the mouth.

John Trenary, David Smith, Donald W Ruehmann, Christopher W Elkins, Elmer Erwin, Roy Treadwell: Spray nozzles. Teledyne Water Pik, Hugh H Drake, May 25, 1976: US03958756 (91 worldwide citation)

A spray nozzle is of a kind including a housing that has a fluid inlet and first and second groups of spray discharge outlets. First and second flow paths are defined in the housing from the inlet to the first and second groups of outlets. Pulsation means in the first flow path cyclically interrupts ...

Alan John Clive Lee, Robin Sydney Mackwood Ling: Endoprosthetic knee joint. National Research Development Corporation, Cushman Darby & Cushman, May 25, 1976: US03958278 (86 worldwide citation)

An endoprosthetic knee joint device is suited to a unicondylar procedure in which only one compartment of the knee is treated, or a duocondylar procedure, the latter employing a pair of like femoral components and a tibial component having a common platform defining separate recesses for similar pad ...