Robert P Hendrick: Recovery of hydrocarbons by in situ thermal extraction. May 4, 1976: US03954140 (301 worldwide citation)

Hydrocarbons are recovered from a subterranean formation by providing a plurality of generally horizontal boreholes in the formation. The boreholes are vertically spaced across the thickness of the formation and extend from the top to the bottom thereof. Selected boreholes are heated by means of an ...

Douglas W Hege: Variable speed reciprocating lever drive mechanism. Hege Advanced Systems Corporation, Kenyon & Kenyon Reilly Carr & Chapin, May 4, 1976: US03954282 (173 worldwide citation)

A pedal drive mechanism for a rider-powered vehicle. In a preferred bicycle version, pedal lever arms are pivotally attached to each side of the frame near the rear wheel hub for reciprocal rotation within a limited angular sector. Downward forces exerted by a rider on the pedals are transmitted thr ...

James T Treace: Prosthetic ligament. Richards Manufacturing Company, John R Walker III, May 4, 1976: US03953896 (157 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic ligament for replacing a natural ligament flexibly connecting two skeletal members together. The prosthetic ligament includes a bridge member made of biocompatible material for joining the two skeletal members together. The bridge member includes a first end portion for fixed attachment ...

Katsuhiro Teraishi: Electro-optical digital display. Kabushiki Kaisha Suwa Seikosha, Blum Moscovitz Friedman & Kaplan, May 4, 1976: US03955190 (151 worldwide citation)

An electro-optical digital display particularly suited for use in an electronic wristwatch is provided. The display includes a transparent ceramic material formed as a plate having a pair of opposed major surfaces. Circuitry selectively applying an electric field to the ceramic material, the circuit ...

Robert E Buuck: American Medical Systems, Williamson Bains & Moore, May 4, 1976: US03954102 (135 worldwide citation)

The prosthesis comprises a pair of expandable cylinders which are implanted in the penis, replacing the function of the two corpora cavernosa. Supplying fluid to the expandable cylinders is a fluid transfer mechanism that is also implanted in the patient's body so as to permit inflation of the cylin ...

James A Bonham, Panayotis C Petrellis: Photosensitive elements containing chromophore-substituted vinyl-halomethyl-s-triazines. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Alexander Sell Steldt & DeLaHunt, May 4, 1976: US03954475 (115 worldwide citation)

Chromophore-substituted vinyl-halomethyl-s-triazine compounds are provided capable of free-radical generation upon excitation with radiation having a wavelength of from about 330 to about 700 millimicrons.

Donald E Dick, Daniel Cooper, Ronald E Hileman: Synchronized multiple image tomographic cardiography. Lane Aitken Dunner & Ziems, May 4, 1976: US03954098 (101 worldwide citation)

A scan converter storage surface is divided into image spaces corresponding to different points in the heart cycle. Ultrasound echoes from heart structures are plotted in the image spaces by means of special x, y sweeps which are offset to the image spaces by timing circuitry. Separate delay and spa ...

Ricardo Garcia Roel, Ruben Saldana Garcia, Rogelio F Garcia Flores: Apparatus and intrauterine device for the immediate puerperium for the control of human fertility. Laurence R Brown, May 4, 1976: US03954103 (101 worldwide citation)

Contraceptive intrauterine means is constructed to permit a surgeon when the uterine cavity is enlarged after birth to manually attach a foreign object to the uterine cavity wall by a hook, coupled thereto, thereby to control fertility. A truncated cylindrical member fits on the surgeon's finger for ...

Harvey M Nordby, John L Nolan, Bremen I Johnson: Drainage system for incisions or wounds in the body of an animal. Hollister Incorporated, Wegner Stellman McCord Wiles & Wood, May 4, 1976: US03954105 (98 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a combination of a sheet of thin pliable material adapted to be placed in sealing engagement with the skin of a patient in the location of a body opening made by an incision or wound, with the sheet being adapted to have an aperture formed therein to expose the opening, togeth ...

Hugh J Davis: Occlusion clip and instrument for applying same. May 4, 1976: US03954108 (92 worldwide citation)

An instrument is provided for applying an occlusion clip on an anatomical tubular structure such as a fallopian tube. An elongated housing can be inserted through a narrow incision, and carries at its forward end a pair of jaw means for applying a clip which is composed of a bendable material. The j ...