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This invention provides a tetrafluoroethylene polymer in a porous form which has an amorphous content exceeding about 5% and which has a micro-structure characterized by nodes interconnected by fibrils. The material has high porosity and high strength. It can be used to produce all kinds of shaped a ...

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A filter for arresting the flow of a liquid entrained, deformable solid or semi-solid body through a tubular vessel or conduit, the filter including a plurality of convergent legs in generally conical array and joined at their convergent ends to an apical hub, each leg having a reversely bent hook a ...

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The process of the invention includes the concept of igniting a coal formation in situ with hot granular material and subsequently allowing the material to flow into the burning coal formation to serve as a propping agent in the event of a cave-in. Gasifying agents are injected into the formation in ...

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By electrically fusing a pin between the outer elements of a box hinge, and thereafter performing the hardening step, stresses which tend to cause instrument failures after a period of use are eliminated. Even if the pin fractures during use, the fact that it is fused to the outer elements of the bo ...

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Assaying of fluids to determine the level of a substance in a fluid sample such as blood serum involving the reacting of fluid samples with one or more reagents and centrifugally separating reaction constituents and measuring a property of a reaction constituents.

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An electrosurgical system, having a solid state generator for providing a cut mode electrosurgical current waveform of RF electric energy having a first voltage amplitude to an active electrode terminal, is adapted by the addition of an apparatus for alternatively providing a fulguration mode curren ...

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A biocompatible prosthetic device comprising a metal alloy substrate, an intermediate layer of a high-temperature polymer which is strongly bonded thereto, and an exterior coating of dense vapor-deposited carbon. The carbon layer is thromboresistant and strongly adheres to the intermediate layer whi ...

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Thermoplastic, stable, blended compositions comprising a combination of (a) a poly(ethylene terephthalate) resin and (b) a poly(1,4-butylene terephthalate) resin. The alloyed combination of resins can be reinforced with fillers and also rendered flame retardant.

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Safety equipment for machinery used in processing plates, etc., such as presses and shearing machines which are operated with great power, where, lest the operator's hands, fingers or some other part of the body be caught or cut because of an error in his operation of these machines for processing p ...

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An externally controlled implantable electronic device for delivering a cardioverting pulse of energy to the atrium of an ailing heart. In one embodiment, the device is particularly suited for use when the patient visits the office of his physician, and contemplates the transmission of both informat ...