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An in situ retorting method and system for recovering hydrocarbons from an oil shale deposit. A retorting zone is formed in the deposit and is comprised of at least two galleries which are separated by a barrier of oil shale thick enough to prevent leakage of gas between galleries. A plurality of ro ...

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Improved method and apparatus for the treatment of respiratory, skin, eye and related ailments and conditions wherein steam or a related vapor at a reduced temperature is admixed with particulate medicament and exposed to an afflicted area within a confined space.

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A peripheral subsystem includes a peripheral control unit coupled to a plurality of peripheral devices having different read/write speeds. In response to a command from a central processing unit, the peripheral control unit selects one of the devices designated in the command, and polls the device t ...

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A surgical stapling instrument for applying sterilized staples to the disunited skin or fascia of a patient in order to effect a joining of the skin or fascia. The instrument is adapted to associate with a staple-carrying cartridge having a plurality of staples therein. The instrument is manually po ...

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A plug of suitable dimension and material is removably inserted into the upper and/or lower punctal apertures of the eye to block the opening and the attendant canaliculus so as to thereby prevent the drainage of lacrimal fluid therethrough. The plug is comprised of tissue-tolerable, readily sterili ...

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An AC burst having a length depending upon the response chosen by the participant is put on a telephone line regardless of the operating state thereof, at a frequency outside of the telephone band. At the central telephone station the bursts are decoded and response signals corresponding to each ans ...

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New antibiotic substances are obtained by culturing a strain belonging to the genus Streptomyces and recovering said substances from the culture material. The new antibiotic substances possess insecticidal and acaracidal properties.

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The antibiotic thienamycin is active against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. The antibiotic is produced by growing a newly-found and hitherto undescribed species of Streptomyces on suitable fermentation media.

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A filtration assembly useful in a household water-chilling system and having a filter with concentric cylindrical activated-charcoal elements supported between inner and outer porous plastic tubes. The filter is contained in a housing having a cover with radiused inlet and outlet ports. A coupling o ...