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A suturing device including a pair of arms having a set of adjacent ends movable toward and away from each other for engaging opposite sides of tissue therebetween. One of the arms has a needle-holding channel formed therein which opens at one end in the direction of the other arm. A manually operab ...

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An apparatus for extracorporeal treatment of blood can carry through automatically such functions as dialysis and oxygenation compensating, in the process, for changes in the condition of the patient. A fail-safe monitor receives signals from a number of sensors all of which must provide signals wit ...

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A pulsed source of high energy neutrons is used to irradiate the earth formations in the vicinity of a well borehole. Gamma rays produced by the inelastic scattering of the fast neutrons are observed in four energy regions of the gamma ray energy spectrum corresponding to the inelastic scattering of ...

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Circuitry for cancelling leakage current is disclosed. The leakage cancelling circuit is utilized in conjunction wih the active or patient electrodes of an electrosurgical instrument used in electrosurgery. In electrosurgery, a radio frequency current is passed through a patient between an active el ...

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An electronic personnel safety sensor is provided capable of causing a machine or operation to be shut off to prevent injury to personnel or damage to equipment protected, by detecting, indicating, and acting upon a predetermined increase or decrease in effective capacitance caused by the introducti ...

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A method and apparatus for conducting a television audience survey in which a channel switch position detector and a television receiver on/off detector is attached to each television receiver in a sampled household and the information obtained from the channel switch position detectors is transmitt ...

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A vending system includes a central station at which various information stored on master recordings can be selectively accessed by purchasers from any of multiple remote vending machines, the accessed information being reproduced on cartridge-type storage media at that vending machine. The cartridg ...

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A test circuit for automotive voltage regulators includes means for simulating transient battery voltages, a meter for monitoring these voltages as related to the operation of the regulator being tested, switching means to protect the meter and also to facilitate the reading thereof, a test load sim ...

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A novel liquid crystal material contains a compound having a molecular structure such that the material exhibits a liquid crystal phase, the molecular structure of the compound being ##SPC1##

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Apparatus for treating organisms for therapeutic purposes consists in applying thereto by means of electrodes an electrical signal comprising successive pairs of pulses, the pulses of each pair being of opposite polarity. The apparatus has an electrode arrangement for application to the organism and ...