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A throwaway, one-time use signal sensing and telemetric transmitting device for use such as in the care of medical patients requiring a monitoring of a physiological function such as the cardiac function of the patient. The device includes one-time use self-powering battery means, adhesive means for ...

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A stimulator device for insertion in a living body, having particular advantage for intracardiac use comprising a housing having a body formed for transvenous or transarterial insertion, electrode means at the outer surface of said body, means included in said housing defining a pulsing circuit elec ...

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Measurement of a vector inn space is accomplished by an articulated five axis probe carrying a working head that can be moved into a measuring position that has a known angular relation to an object to be measured. A plurality of pivotally interconnected links include a first link pivotally mounted ...

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A plurality of relatively adjustable acupuncture needles including a holder in which any selected needle may be removably mounted for operative use.

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The present invention relates to the use of low levels of certain alkoxylated amines as charge control agents for an electrostatic toner contained in dry electrographic developer compositions.

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A card shuffler is disclosed comprising an inner case slidable in an outer case. The inner case has a plurality of separators that both divide the playing cards into portions of substantially equal number of cards and define compartments oriented at an angle to the direction the inner case slides in ...

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A tobacco substitute which consists essentially of a complete fuel and at least one volatile substance impregnating said fuel, said volatile substance being capable of distilling or subliming without chemical change, and said fuel consisting essentially of combustible, flexible and self coherent fib ...

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A central station is described which acts as an interface between a two-way communication system superimposed on a power distribution network and a data processing computer. Information from the computer is converted into control signals for activating various sequences of sub-tasks by the communica ...

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A quick release device for a powered surgical instrument, for example, a Mueller osteotomy saw, includes a coupling having a spindle which forms a mounting surface, the spindle being driven with the coupling by the power source. Located on the spindle is a locking pin assembly movable between a lock ...

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A plug of plastic or other soft material to be screwed into a metal neck, with means for preventing the possibility of screwing in the plug obliquely. The means comprises a cone-shaped bevel around the first thread of the plug, the top angle of the bevelling cone corresponding to the top angle of th ...