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A rechargeable tissue stimulating system with a telemetry controlled power source. A constant current power source acting through an induction coil externally located with respect to a living patient is used to induce current flow in a charging circuit located beneath the skin of the patient. The ch ...

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Apparatus and method for either manually or automatically initiating the cardioversion of a malfunctioning heart. The apparatus includes a single intravascular catheter electrode system which allows for a much more compact cardioverting system capable of being completely implanted within the patient ...

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A clamp adapted for mounting on a flexible tube to control flow therethrough, said clamp having a pair of parallel legs connected by a spring element whereby the legs may swing toward and away from each other, a flexible catch arm on one leg having a catch adapted to engage a latch on the other arm, ...

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Automatic banking system equipment which presents at a remote customer station a unit enabling a customer to carry out any one of a number of banking services, such as depositing, making payments of various types, transferring funds between accounts, or withdrawing cash. The equipment has programmab ...

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A hair dryer includes a housing defining an air inlet and an air outlet and blower means within the housing for drawing a stream of air into the inlet, through the dryer housing and forcing the air out the air outlet. A thermostatically controlled electric heating element is disposed within the hous ...

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Existing CATV coaxial cable systems are found to present a transparent window, in both the upstream and downstream directions, to communications signals over a frequency band from 10-300KHz, whereby such signals follow the path of the 60Hz power signal throughout the system. Signals in this band do ...

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A waterflood oil recovery process, in which a mixture of petroleum sulfonate and alkoxylated alcohol sulfate surfactants is injected into a reservoir to displace oil, is improved by using a sulfate surfactant that contains at least one chain-branching substituent on a carbon atom alpha or beta to th ...

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An apparatus and method are provided for recording information in the form of video signals on record members such as cards and reproducing selected portions of the information recorded as visually monitorable information on a viewing screen such as an electronic display or cathode ray tube. The inf ...

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The invention relates to a screw anchoring device adapted to be inserted in a bored hole and of the type having a tubular anchoring member moulded from plastics material and provided with longitudinally -- for example axially or helically -- extending slits or slots. The anchoring member cooperates ...

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Discontinuous cellulose fiber is treated with both plastic polymer and lubricant to produce improved treated fiber for reinforcing a plastic matrix.