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Receptors are employed to which one or more fluroescent molecules are bound. When the receptors are bound to the epitopic sites on the surface and light of predetermined wave length is directed toward the surface, the fluorescing molecules are activated and fluoresce.

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An instrument for laparoscopic tubal cauterization includes: a grip member, a probe element attached to the grip member and a pair of electrodes carried by the probe element in such spaced relationship to one another as to avoid electrical short therebetween, the electrodes defining at one extremity ...

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A prosthesis for replacement of a damaged joint or load-bearing structure in an animal or human body comprises a shaped structural member, a relatively thick or cushioning coating of a physiologically inert elastomer over the surfaces of the structural member in load-bearing relationship with the sk ...

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A device for examining the heart is provided with a catheter adapted to be placed within the heart and including at one end thereof, circumferentially arranged, equidistantly distributed elements, serving for the transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves. The catheter has an axis and the elemen ...

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Disclosed is a transfer unit for transferring a material within a container, the material being in either powdered or liquid form, to a second container having a diluent therein, to thereby form a solution. The unit includes a container for storing the material, a closure portion including a frangib ...

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A method and apparatus for electrically heating an acupuncture needle that has been inserted into a subject is disclosed. An applicator unit contains an electrical heating element thermally coupled to an acupuncture needle and directly to the skin adjacent to the acupuncture needle. Regulation and c ...

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A medical-grade, flexible tube is provided with a plurality of circumferentially and longitudinally spaced, flexible, directional anchoring protrusions for allowing the catheter to be moved lengthwise along a passage in one direction but to resist movement lengthwise out of the passage. Lateral aper ...

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A hydro-air storage system for generating electricity in which a subterranean reservoir containing water is pressurized and the water is pumped to a surface reservoir during periods when the demand for electricity is low and in which water from the surface reservoir flowing into the subterranean res ...

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A system providing an improved inflatable cushion of the type comprising two films of a thermoplastic fused together to provide a plurality of inflatable chambers between the films, with each chamber communicating with a central inlet opening through an inlet passageway; and an improved device for f ...

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A rotary drill bit for drilling earthen formations is provided with a plurality of discrete cutting teeth disposed on the lower face of the bit body and arranged in circumferentially spaced, generally radially extending rows. Each of the teeth has a large diamond (or a diamond-like material) set in ...